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Woman Claims Pimples Disappear After Cat Licks Her Face Each Day For three Months

Cat Licks Proprietor’s Face Until Her Pimples Disappear

The unfortunate ones amongst us have in all probability gone by way of that tumultuous pubescent interval of physique odour and pimple outbreaks.

We’ve seen our financial savings dwindle from visits to the physician and a number of skincare merchandise that by no means appear to work.

A woman by the title of Dinda from Indonesia, nonetheless, could have discovered essentially the most unlikely treatment – her cat’s saliva.

Pimples vanish after cat licks her face

Based on newsflare, Dinda had been letting her cat lick her face for 3 months previous to importing the video on YouTube on 15 Nov.

The unique video can now not be discovered on-line, however you may watch the one which Each day Mail uploaded on YouTube right here:

The routine apparently began when her cat Nia sat on a pile of textbooks whereas Dinda was learning and began licking her face throughout.

Since then, Dinda has allowed Nia to lick her face every day, to astounding outcomes.


Dinda claims that not solely have the licks cured her pimples, however they’ve additionally made her pores and skin rather a lot smoother than earlier than.

Her sister Debi commented that Nia refuses to lick anybody else’s face, solely Dinda’s.

Claims can’t be verified

Whereas the miracle cat treatment appears to be working for Dinda, we are able to’t verify if it’s going to have the identical impact on everybody else.

Cat and canine saliva comprise bacteria that will carry potential well being dangers in the event that they penetrate the pores and skin, or worse, enter your bloodstream by way of an open wound.


Although possibilities of an infection are low, taking precautionary measures gained’t damage.

Uncommon skincare strategies and danger of infections apart, you may nonetheless let your cat or canine lick your face. Simply strive to not use that as a alternative for normal facial wash.

We’d advise you to stay to the normal strategy to be protected.

Featured photos tailored from Siakap Keli.


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