Home Animals “What Is The Stupidest Factor You’ve Seen Your Pet Do?” (97 Solutions)

“What Is The Stupidest Factor You’ve Seen Your Pet Do?” (97 Solutions)

At 4am I woke as much as the sound of my cats ‘I’ve hunted and caught a factor’ noise. It’s a excessive pitched squeak/meow/trill/music of the happiest of cats.

She was operating nearer and nearer, squeaking all of the whereas, muffled barely by the very fact she clearly had her prize in her mouth as she ran.

I stay in a spot that not often will get mice or something nasty, in order regular, I simply assumed it was her toy and he or she needed to indicate it off.

Then she dropped a full bag of bagels on my face.

poormansnigella Report

Owners-Share-Stupidest-Things-Their-Pets-Do I’ve a pitbull. In the future I hear him growling and barking whereas outdoors. This isn’t regular for him. He often will solely bark 1-2 instances when he is able to come inside, so I used to be a bit involved.

I’m going outdoors and he’s having a standoff with one thing. He retains inching nearer to one thing I cant see, then growls/barks and instantly runs away and repeats the method. I name out to him and he comes over and whimpers a bit then returns and continues the routine.

I get nearer anticipating to see perhaps a toad, mouse, one thing.. something. There’s nothing however grass and a useless leaf. Seems that he was having a 10 minute standoff with mentioned useless leaf. It was simply windy sufficient for it to rustle a bit, however not transfer. I proceed to select up the leaf and he lets out this shriek as if I used to be in fast hazard. I take a look at him and crumple up the leaf and he simply tilts his head like “oh..” and proceeds to lean on me for pets.

A 50lb pitbull fearful of a leaf. What a dumbass.

itsdjc , Flickr (not the actual photo) Report

Owners-Share-Stupidest-Things-Their-Pets-Do My guinea pigs get so enthusiastic about recent veggies that they must throw it round in celebration first earlier than consuming it. The perfect is entire tomatoes, they mind one another with them they usually’re so centered on stealing their buddy’s tomato that they simply preserve getting smacked within the head.

Zukazuk , Flickr (not the actual photo) Report

Owners-Share-Stupidest-Things-Their-Pets-Do My canine used to assume he was gunna get in bother for farting, so he’d sneak away. Like a ninja farter. Strolling into rooms, farting then go away. Tbh, I believe he knew his farts had been rancid.

anarae , Flickr (not the actual photo) Report

Owners-Share-Stupidest-Things-Their-Pets-Do My cat fell asleep on the backyard fence within the solar and should have forgotten the place she was. She at all times stretches out then rolls when she wakes up.

She rolled proper off the fence into our pond.

She additionally hates water.

Settledforthisone , Flickr (not the actual photo) Report

Owners-Share-Stupidest-Things-Their-Pets-Do My greyhound is a retired racer. He is by no means seen numerous snow… however he adores it. Till he noticed his first snowman. He started to scream (as greyhounds do) as if it was probably the most terrifying factor on this planet.

Feralcrumpetart , Flickr (not the actual photo) Report

Owners-Share-Stupidest-Things-Their-Pets-Do Our pup took some time to actually perceive tips on how to scratch his face, and would simply find yourself repeatedly kicking himself within the face together with his again leg. He is slightly higher at it now however nonetheless sometimes provides himself a little bit of a kick somewhat than scratch.

MullGeek , Flickr (not the actual photo) Report

Owners-Share-Stupidest-Things-Their-Pets-Do My greyhound lastly caught as much as a squirrel within the park earlier than it went up a tree. She slowed proper down, sniffed it after which simply watched it run up the tree. She appeared so disillusioned by the expertise.

HiHoKermit , Flickr (not the actual photo) Report

Owners-Share-Stupidest-Things-Their-Pets-Do I’ve a goldfish that will get wayyy to excited for feeding time. Extra usually then not it likes to litterally leap out of its bowl into my hand the place im holding the meals…

A real suicidal dumbass however i nonetheless love that fish.

craftbot9000 , Flickr (not the actual photo) Report

Owners-Share-Stupidest-Things-Their-Pets-Do Years in the past we had a glass kitchen desk prime and our canine was laying beneath watching us eat and determined that it was going to leap up and seize some meals, solely he was blocked by the glass desk prime. Ouch.

dusty-kat , Flickr (not the actual photo) Report

We’ve got a cat, Wednesday, however we actually name her Silly greater than the rest.

Within the ~12 months we have had her [we got her at 5mo old] she’s:
– Gotten her face caught in mesh and somewhat than backing out, pushed ahead till her face contorted into Joan Rivers recent after a nasty elevate
– Tried to get into a number of bins that hadn’t even been opened but
– Tried to get into opened bins in precarious locations, then wonders why she’s on the ground
– Bought mad at me when her tail touched me after she hopped up on the sofa the place I used to be sitting
– Bought offended and growled repeatedly on the blinds for touching her
– She got here inside soaking moist, watched the door shut, demanded it’s reopen, and when the climate hadn’t modified, she screamed on the indignation it was nonetheless raining

psycholagny Report

Owners-Share-Stupidest-Things-Their-Pets-Do My dad and mom had been staying with us for the weekend in our upstairs bed room. The cat was outdoors the door trying to play and had introduced it is toy mouse with them. So my dad tosses the toy slightly too exhausting and it finally ends up going over the upstairs railing. At which level you’ll assume the cat can be like, nah, however not our little man. He jumps straight off of the ~12′ cliff after this toy.

The cat full on bounced off the ground and went proper again to enjoying with my dad. Solely later after I heard the story did I understand that I had my safety cam going through that course.

The cat was all good after this incident, nevertheless it scared the hell out of all of us.

Guyver_3 , Guyver_3 Report

Owners-Share-Stupidest-Things-Their-Pets-Do I had a mouse in my kitchen a number of years in the past. I’ve by no means seen a cat run away from a mouse. A lot much less run away as quick as he did. He did redeem himself years later. Sherman did some silly stuff in his days, however that was a head scratcher.

Extrasherman , Flickr (not the actual photo) Report

Owners-Share-Stupidest-Things-Their-Pets-Do Our Maine Coon cat jumps into the front-loader washer after we’re able to do a load.

He likes being within the washer with the garments he was sleeping on within the laundry basket.

Earlier than beginning the machine, we now have to make sure he is out of there!

Back2Bach , Flickr (not the actual photo) Report

I’ve Three cats. I examine them to the three bears in Goldilocks. One drops a deuce within the field and is so offended by the scent he runs out like he is fearful of it. Typically he nonetheless has a hanger that we’ll discover later. One other will keep within the field and try to bury his leavings like he is Captain Flynn burying his Treasure, he’ll spend upwards of 2-Three minutes overlaying it. Lastly we now have the cat who does it excellent. She’ll do her enterprise, give it a small spattering of litter excessive and hop out with dignity.

chopper640 Report

Poor Hobo did not know he was a fats cat. He needed to run with the thin cats, who went via the stair banisters, however when he adopted he obtained caught. Significantly, completely caught. He was going fairly quick. At first it was humorous however he began panicking and I needed to pull him out.

Thats after I realized that cats do not know the way they appear. They do not have mirrors. Poor chunky boi.

Darths_Desire Report

Owners-Share-Stupidest-Things-Their-Pets-Do One in every of my cats does not appear to know mirrors. Daily he swipes at his personal reflection. I’ve began throwing a blanket over my mirror earlier than I fall asleep so he will not wake me up this fashion. I recorded it.

soulstoned Report

My cat obtained between the sofa and the wall and could not flip round, so she needed to stroll backwards. not that silly actually nevertheless it was the one time in my life i noticed a cat stroll backwards and I give it some thought rather a lot.

Kcuph Report

My cat is a particular little creature. She was having the zoomies at some point, sprinting round our hardwood ground. Throughout this, she determined that her ear was itchy so she sat all the way down to scratch it, then determined her foot (the one doing the scratching) was soiled, and needed to clear it. The tip consequence was her kicking herself within the face repeatedly together with her tongue flapping throughout, and since none of this chain of selections concerned stopping, she was sliding throughout the ground on her ass for the complete occasion.

freemasonry Report

One in every of my cats by no means obtained the hold of utilizing the litter tray. She would put her head and physique in however go away her arse hanging out then would sh*t on the ground. Different instances she would simply shit on the ground outdoors of it then go inside it and begin scraping the litter to cowl up the shit that she had accomplished outdoors of the tray.

Jparm Report

My cat tried stepping from the sofa to the espresso desk (eight inches), however whiffed it with certainly one of her again paws. As she fell, she lashed out together with her entrance paws, sending my bong flying off the desk, shattering to items, and scaring the hell out of herself.

Demurist Report

My canine likes to pretend paw accidents to get sympathy and treats usually to no avail. One time, she faked a paw damage after which went to stroll down the steps in direction of us after which truly tripped and fell down the steps and injured her again for a number of days…

reallyforrealthough Report

Walked right into a wall. Not ran simply slowly walked into it. My cat is dumb. However I like him.

heardbutnotseen2 Report

We’ve got a giant German shepherd, one summer time evening a few years again it was humid as hell and thunder was certain to occur.

Doggo was asleep in again backyard ( we had been having a small bbq simply me and the Mrs) doggo was dreaming and letting out the little yips and woofs, plus the legs had been doing the ptetend operating factor.

Thunder and lightning began miles off over the bay and we had been having fun with watching it , all of the sudden overhead their waa one hell of a crack and flash , doggo in semi sleep semi sh1t scared state costs off down the backyard head first into the facet of the bouncy fort that we had up for the youngsters , catapulting herself off at a sideways tangent into the paddling pool wiping out completely as she cartwheeld into the water.

It was at this second she totally awoke and sat within the pool questioning why she was moist and why her people had been completely wetting themselves with laughter .

( she obtained a burger of the bbq for her troubles in sympathy)

igual88 Report

Have a parrot, who’s a religious Destroyer of Issues™. We constructed him a bridge in order that he may get round his cage, and he stood on it whereas attempting to dislodge the department he was perched on. Clearly he promptly tumbled down, however he’s one optimistic burb who was proper again at it lolol

WhyAmILikeThisEw Report

My canine will sometimes maintain his poop in whereas strolling for thus lengthy that he goes to pee on one thing together with his leg up and begins pooping on the identical time.

BrutusTheBasset Report

My canine bumped into a series hyperlink fence, he truthfully seemed like Scooby-Doo would if he ran right into a fence, all sideways n tongue hanging out, I laughed technique to a lot, poor wee soul, I nearly peed myself.

DementedDon Report

One time, I needed to give my cat this medication in his mouth via a syringe. He completely hated it and would run away each time he’d see me coming with the drugs. That was till I shook a bag of these Temptations treats. Each. Single. Time when he heard the sound of that bag he’d come operating to me. That is after I’d seize him and administer his meds. He’d then shortly run away. Then I would shake the bag once more to manage the second dose, and he’d come operating again lol. Occurred each time with out fail. I don’t know what they put in that stuff to make it so interesting.

oddoutlier Report

my cat meows on the faucet, as a result of she’s spoiled and drinks on-line straight out of the sink, and someway she thinks meowing at it’s going to flip it on…..

marshmallow_exe Report

My cat tried to eat my cactus as a result of I am advised him to not. Cactus received.

JessSly Report

She pooped, obtained mad midway throughout her poop after which tried to chunk her personal poop…needed to drag her away earlier than she ate it…

itsfish20 Report

My two piggies as soon as fought over a chunk of veggie neither of them appreciated, however as a result of certainly one of them had meals the opposite needed to steal it, then drop it as a result of it tasted disgusting, then get it stolen, then get mad as a result of his brother had meals, steal it AGAIN…. I lastly eliminated the veggie.

BlackChimaera Report

There’s so many dumb issues my cats do however the lady one is certainly the stupidest. Her most typical one is that she sees me come within the door, runs up the steps and begins meowing outdoors my bed room door. I stand on the backside of the steps the place she will be able to’t see my correctly and my mother will.open my bed room door however she will not go in. As an alternative she simply screams till I come up the steps, then she seems to be at me like she’s so confused that I am not in my room and sticks her head via the doorway then again at me. Apparently she does it after I go to work too, she walks me off to the door, then after I go away she goes and screams outdoors my bed room however does not go in when she sees I am not there.

She’s additionally began changing into a parrot. She’s at all times appreciated hugs, however typically after I choose her up she scrambles to sit down on my shoulder or my again and simply settles down there. She’s very cute however there may be undoubtedly nothing occurring behind these eyes.

Steves-bisexual-hair Report

My pet kingsnake, whom I like dearly, has obtained to be the dumbest animal I’ve ever owned. After I feed him he’ll typically miss his prey merchandise and chunk himself. If he sees his reflection within the glass of his cage he’ll chunk it and attempt to eat it. I’ve additionally caught him pooping on his personal head twice. There’s by no means a boring second with this animal!

ntruncata Report

We’ve got a rooster with scissor beak. It is a situation that causes it is beak to develop at odd angles and with out further care and a spotlight it will starve to demise. She will get fed within the morning and once more within the night and it is pretty common so she will get actually excited at these instances.

Not too way back my spouse is making the meals for it is night meal and the factor goes batshit insane and throwing itself towards the entrance of it is cage. Earlier than I will help it, it manages to get the door open and comes bursting out of the cage in a flurry of feathers and frenzy. My spouse, now holding a cup of child meals and another stuff turns round simply in time to catch the rooster together with her full face. She flails about as anybody would do when all of the sudden confronted with a very excited ball of feathers to the face, and finally ends up dropping the meals, the feeding syringe, and doubtless a number of years of her life, earlier than trying to catch and restrain the frantic creature. The critter refused to return down and proceeded to experience atop her head the entire time she was making ready a recent batch of meals for it.

shroom2021 Report

Final evening my cat took a piss, seemed round frantically, then sprinted throughout my room, slamming her head into my pc. She seemed round frantically once more, and sprinted the opposite method.

gor8884 Report

I’ve to lock certainly one of my cats in a room or he’ll attempt to drink oil as I am heating it as much as deepfry.

KitteNlx Report

I’ve been sitting right here attempting to think about one thing aside from a fart story however I obtained nothing.

There are some humorous sensible issues I’ve seen my pets do. My canine Jake used to sit down on the desk with us Saturday mornings whereas we might all have donuts espresso and browse the information papers / catalogs. The donuts weren’t removed from him and he began growling on the window. All of them seemed outdoors to see what he was gazing besides me. As quickly as they appear he takes a donut and hops down and I begin laughing. One other time we had the gate to the yard open throughout building, a household buddy was over letting the canine out after I obtained dwelling from faculty. He was attempting to maintain the canine within the yard trigger we had been doing building. He left the entrance door open in order quickly as he will get all of the canine outdoors the sliding door Jake comes strolling via the entrance door within the kitchen again into the home. And he’s like how the hell did you get again in right here. I used to be laughing once more. I miss that canine, he was boy

merkmuzik Report

I’ve a corn snake that lately shed, and for some purpose he went again into his previous pores and skin backwards and freaked the fu*okay out as a result of he could not get out.

ohaimike Report

My two canine had been enjoying and all of the sudden they each obtained up and tried to bolt outdoors. The “not-so-intelligent” one ran straight into the doorframe trigger she was to centered on the opposite canine. We’d have been actually involved however she instantly collected herself and stored enjoying. It was additionally not the primary time she used her head as a battering ram

nengelsgtjunior Report

My mother caught certainly one of our guinea pigs sitting within the hay feeder and the opposite two in entrance of him like they had been performing out a sermon. The “preacher” is now dubbed ‘King Leo of the Hay Feeder’.

WeirdWafflehouse Report

We’ve got a 10 yr. previous Black Labrador Retriever. He is a giant sweetheart, and surprisingly clever.

After we had our interest farm we lived alongside a river, and Bones (the Lab) liked to run free round our property.

Now I am unsure why they do that, however Labs appear to like to roll in actually dangerous smelling issues they discover on the bottom. One spring afternoon I let him outdoors to go and do his enterprise. When he got here again 20-30 minutes later he was lined in putrid slime, fish scales and dust.

Apparently, he’d discovered a badly rotten fish alongside the river financial institution, and determined to roll ALL OVER in it!!! And that is the humorous half. As an alternative of moping round together with his tail between his legs, ashamed of what he’d accomplished, as canine typically do once they get caught doing one thing they know they should not have accomplished, NO, Bones is strutting round just like the king of the jungle, SO PROUD of his accomplishment!

Even after I totally bathed him (with me gagging and dry heaving through the entire course of), silly canine simply wreaked of rotten fish for weeks afterward!!!

Lutefiskaficionado Report

Our poor naive kitten was out on the enclosed porch and misplaced his sh*t when the sliding-glass door that connects the porch to the home was all of the sudden closed. In his panic, the man ran headlong into the glass door and, in fact, bounced off with a loud BONGGGG. We gave him the advantage of the doubt that he simply had a momentary lapse of widespread sense. The factor is, he waited a number of seconds, backed up, and did it once more. After which once more. We shortly opened the sliding door, lest the little fellow give himself mind injury through the use of his head as a battering ram. He’s a a little bit of a particular case, this one.

Southern_Snowshoe Report

Tried leaping over the sofa and staying low to the bottom on the identical time when operating away from the vacuum cleaner. She jumped solely midway excessive sufficient to clear the sofa and ran into it at full pace.

pakichtu Report

I’m sitting on the sofa together with his massive yellow toy in my hand dangling in entrance of his face. “The place’s your toy?” I ask. And he spends the subsequent 5 minutes sniffing throughout the room crying as a result of he can’t discover his toy. Significantly! I wasn’t even hiding it! I like my canine however for a mini schnauzer he’s fairly dumb.

DDChristi Report

my canine consistently misjudges her capacity to leap and is continually faceplanting into the underside of the sofa or my mattress

Grouchy_Giraffe_2077 Report

It sat within the sink.. so i turned on the water. It did not react in any respect, simply began purring and having fun with it, consuming from the faucet.

cerbreus1 Report

I’ve solely ever seen it occur as soon as, however I would at all times hear it. I’ve a cat that used to at all times run to the litter field or his meals dish. There is a mat the place you must flip to get to the laundry room the place his bowls & litter field are. He’d be going so quick when he obtained to the mat that he’d slide on it till he hit the pantry door. I would hear … at random instances. It was actually disconcerting when it’d wake me up in the course of the evening.

unaligned_1 Report

Watched the canine steal a snack from the litter field. I’m investing in a self cleansing one for certain lol

Mom-atm Report

Instructed my canine, four 5 months previous at the moment, to remain in his pen after I mop my ground, he climbed out begin having zoomies on the moist ground, cannot cease as regular, hit the wall. Finally ends up crying and needs cuddle

YourOldEspresso Report

My boy ate a stinkbug. He was so younger. Curious little Halloween cat. By no means ate a bug once more.

gracist0 Report

My canine as soon as jumped onto a small glass desk, and shattered the highest. He was okay fortunately, however not even 5 minutes later, he leap up once more with not desk to catch him. He already forgot that he broke it and ended up straddling the desk helps. (He was okay)

brak8796 Report

Oh ive obtained one.

My cat, Ollie, is a black and white tuxedo and on the time of this story was about four months previous (blissful birthday geezer hes 14 years at present).

He was harness educated and it was good outdoors so I took him with me to my residences leasing workplace to pay lease. We each noticed the bumble bee lazily floating across the grass on the way in which.

I’m strolling he’s following, we are saying hello to the leasing brokers who love him, as a result of KITTEN, however ultimately it’s time to return dwelling.

I open the door and let him via and we begin waking the few minutes again to my house. The leash goes fully taught and I flip round to see why and I see my tiny confused cat, standing there. Watching me. With a glance of prowess that shortly turns to confusion. I’m puzzled. “What’s up buddy, you okay?”

Then he opens and closes his little mouth.

Simply sufficient for me to see the big bumble bee inside.

So I’m standing on the sidewalk, holding my cats leash, dumbstruck, as a result of what do I do??? Do I attempt to battle a kitten for a bee? Do I need to get stung? Do I would like him stung within the mouth? What if he swallows it??

So, I default to mother voice. “OLLIE. DROP IT.”

And that silly little cat simply popped his mouth open and let the bee fly away. I swear I may see the cartoon dotted line leaving his mouth because it flew away, plus some cat saliva.

The tip.

TLDR: flippantly used bee.

DumbPossumDrawings Report

Strolling my 70 lb canine, she sees a skateboarder throughout the road and is fixated on this contraption. She then walks proper right into a low-hanging building signal that makes an enormous bang and he or she ran in the other way nearly dislocating my shoulder.

danosmanca Report

My cat will likely be within the center or nook of a room (props or elevate her entrance legs up), on a ledge or the carpet. She is going to stand on her hind legs, tilt her head again and rotate it (practically chin on the sky, trying the other way up).

It’s exhausting to correctly describe, however from temporary analysis apparently it helps her hear her environment a bit higher when she does it, regardless that she has nice listening to. Appears to be like ridiculous, and he or she “pigeon coos” when she does it typically.

AsocialArtist Report

My canine deepthroats her leg frequently and no one is aware of why. She’s accomplished this since we obtained her.

LaunchesKayaks Report

We had been shaving our fuzzy canine, and he actually hates it. So we might do a bit after which give him a break. Properly we had accomplished one facet however there was nonetheless fairly a bit left on his different facet after we paused for a bit.

This dummie began operating round and lose his stability falling on the facet with the hair. Like a bunch of instances. It was like that little little bit of hair left on that facet was, in his fuzzy mind, throwing his stability off. He couldn’t stroll in a straight line however stored tipping over. This was not a canine that was largely hair or something. There wasn’t this big weight of fur pulling on him he simply satisfied himself it was pulling him over.

ibringthepetty Report

Each enterprise day for four years, our canine races to the entrance door at full pace when he hears the mail service, barking all the way in which.

And on daily basis, about Three ft from the door, he realizes he can not cease and slams into the door, often head first.

He should have a case of CTE to rival gamers within the NFL.

RandoBoomer Report

Looking for the laser weeks after I ended enjoying with it, and being fairly vocal about it too

Isexiedyourmom Report

I had a horse. I’m not certain how he did this, however he destroyed his blankets. I believe was curious. I needed to rotate them and be taught to stitch heavy responsibility sh*t. Dude lived an extended life, properly into his 30’s.

Three_Day_Rider Report

My squirrel-obsessed terrier tried so exhausting to catch a squirrel, however by no means did.

We had a walnut tree in our yard and at some point he was sitting beneath it when a squirrel FELL OUT of the tree and landed beside him, surprised. He checked out it, then turned away, and you can inform he was considering ‘huh one other walnut fell out of the tree’. Then he did the funniest double-take when his tiny little mind caught up and observed that it was THE ENEMY. The identical second he realized it was a squirrel despatched to him from above, the squirrel recovered from its shock and ran away.

ConanApproves Report

My cat ate the kitchen sponge after which felt very sorry for himself till he sicked it up in items.

magicbluemonkeydog Report

Nero- Consuming plastic even after pooping out two lengthy items of poop, made even longer related by plastic.

Miyuki- chasing a dragonfly. Dragonfly flies over the pool, cap leaps after it. She had fallen in earlier than, so it is not like this massive physique of water was information.

Savannah- stalking a turkey vulture. I am 5’3, these birds are half my peak, with a wingspan equal to my peak.

Catstiel- performs fetch with hair elastics. It was caught on his nail, so he is tugging at it together with his mouth. It escapes his nail and snaps up into his face, so he jumps after which begins trying round for the cat who attacked him.

Arctic_Puppet Report

My canine will attempt to go outdoors when it’s raining however cease once they see rain. They then insist on having me open each different door in the home to see if it’s raining on the market too.

Spoiler: it at all times is raining outdoors the opposite doorways too.

VaultBoy42 Report

We had simply moved in her protection, however my canine obtained misplaced after we we’re transferring into our new house. We stay on the 4th ground and our constructing is related to the constructing subsequent door by way of hallways. Within the again there may be 2 units of equivalent stairs for facet A and facet B( we stay on facet A)

The door was open as a result of we had been transferring and he or she ran down the steps, to assist us transfer I suppose, and sooner or later or one other we misplaced observe of her. Dropped all the pieces we’re all yelling strolling across the inside and outdoors of the constructing can discover her. I’m on the steps on the cellphone with a buddy of ours who was serving to us look after I seemed up and see a canine on the 4th ground on facet he frantically scratching the door attempting to get in.

My canine, walked downstairs after we weren’t trying and tried to sneak again in the home however obtained locked out as a result of she was on the flawed facet. Triggered an enormous panic and nearly made me and me girl transfer again out identical day we moved in.

Not essentially dumb however she scared the hell out of us attempting to be cute

Objective-Kiwi4955 Report

My cat tries to climb on the window ledge, falls off, tries once more and falls off a second time. Similar cat hates after I choose him up and if I do he runs off, I crouch down and he runs to me and I choose him up once more, he at all times wriggles to get away, candy cat however zero brains

Mr_sci3ntist Report

My guinea pig was so excited she ran right into a wall. Throughout ground time, in a spacious room that she’s been in hundreds of instances. Fortunately she was okay however she was very confused after.

cherry_tiddy Report

Somebody had dumped a somewhat massive toy unicorn behind this tree. Canine was sniffing by the tree enthusaistacly, noticed the unicorn and actually jump-leaped backwards flipping within the air, ran right into a lampost after which went again and sniffed the identical tree

quidditchgalleon Report

When our canine was little, he ran right into a fairy busy street close to our home at evening, then simply stopped and stared into the headlights

My brother and I scrambled to get him and truthfully he was fortunate he wasn’t killed

YohanAnthony Report

My cat ran right into a wall chasing a tennis ball and tried to hunt a chihuahua

ashk99 Report

Years in the past my cat was enjoying in a bag on the ground. He someway obtained caught, panicked and stored going ahead as an alternative of again (which might have freed him). He he tore blindly via the home into the kitchen, then leapt via a window, shattering the glass.

There have been jagged lengthy shards of glass nonetheless within the body, and a gap that seemed impossibly small for my cat to have match via. My mother wouldnt let me exit within the yard together with her to test on him; she truthfully thought he’d be useless, or fatally wounded.

He had simply the teeniest scratch on his nostril, and was in any other case unscathed. Undoubtedly down a life although after that day, and we now not let the cats play in luggage.

wirwarennamenlos Report

As soon as, my cat made a somersault chasing a hair elastic (he goes specifically nuts with them) and ended up falling inside it is meals bowl. He checked out me stunned. Love that cat, I miss him now that he lives with my dad and mom.

Giraffe_13 Report

She at all times ask us to open the backyard door for her so she will be able to get out, then asks to enter once more, then asks to exit once more, then desires to enter…

Additionally typically she is stretching whereas laying on the staircase and falls.

_mogu_ Report

The opposite evening my canine was so blissful to see me she got here barreling over the espresso desk at prime pace and smashed her face into my leg. She then spent the subsequent 4 hours shocked and sneezing, cowering underneath the eating desk.

portraitopynchon Report

We took my canine to the cabin for the primary time ever. She walked proper to the top of the dock and stepped off. She’d by no means seen water earlier than. That was the primary and final time she went in to deep water on her personal. However she spent the subsequent 15 years pacing backwards and forwards within the shallow water fishing.

JonnySnowflake Report

My cockatiel tried to cover behind a chair leg like that clasic of an elephant behind a publish

didhxcu Report


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