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‘What Else Do You Have To Do All Day?”: Entitled Mother Harasses Neighbor To Babysit Her Baby For Free

As if getting alongside along with your neighbors wasn’t sufficient of a problem already, some next-door residents take the craziness to an entire new degree. Particularly if that features coping with not simply entitled, however a really entitled guardian.

All this and extra occurred to 1 work-from-home mother of two boys, age 5 and 10. In a viral post on r/EntitledParents, the creator shared how years in the past, “this new neighbor of mine saved making an attempt for the higher a part of a summer time to make use of me as a free babysitter.” It turned out, the woman saved dropping off her 7-year-old on the creator’s door within the early mornings. Even after telling her a stable “Cease sending your child over, I’m NOT a baby-sitter!” the mindless habits continued, pushing the creator to the brink of madness.

So let’s see how this neighbor drama progressed within the full story under, which is able to make you wish to hug your neighbors, nonetheless loud their music could also be, as a result of now you already know… it may very well be worse. Worse instances infinity.

Entitled mother retains dropping her son off at neighbor’s home for unsolicited babysitting, sparks loopy neighbor drama

Picture credit: Charles Deluvio (not the actual photo)

Picture credit: nannylinn62

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