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This Skilled Troll Baits Anti-Vaxxers And Covidiots, Pokes Enjoyable At Them

Over 29 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines have already been administered as nations worldwide are speeding to immunize their populations. Beginning with important staff and the most vulnerable.

Considering for your self and having some wholesome skepticism is at all times a plus, particularly when there are potential long-term side-effects to bear in mind about Covid-19 vaccines. However that’s only one aspect of the dimensions. On the opposite aspect is the web being full to the brim with conspiracy theories concerning the Pfizer-BioNTech jab, starting from talks about alleged 5G-controlled microchips being injected into your bloodstream to rumors that it could supposedly alter your DNA.

On the frontline in opposition to this disinformation is skilled troll Ben Palmer, from Los Angeles, in California. He’s racing by means of the web pretending to be an anti-vaxxer below completely different names, solely to tug the rug from the toes of actual vaccine skeptics and Covid-19 deniers whereas having fun. Scroll down and take a look under.

However earlier than we start, here’s a hyperlink to the FDA’s fact sheet concerning the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

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Palmer has been baiting anti-vaxxers by pretending to be a vaccine skeptic below completely different names

Picture credit: palmertrolls

Picture credit: palmertrolls

Picture credit: palmertrolls

Picture credit: palmertrolls

It’s pure that some individuals really feel frightened by the potential side-effects of vaccines and marvel if every little thing’s secure. In spite of everything, the vaccine isn’t recommended for youngsters as much as 16 years previous whereas pregnant girls are informed to contact their medical doctors earlier than getting the jab. Nevertheless, simply pondering and worrying isn’t sufficient. So right here’s one skilled’s tackle the jab.

One one that has full confidence within the coronavirus vaccines is a New York Covid ICU nurse who goes by the title That ICU Nurse (beforehand Galactic Gardener) on Instagram. She informed Snugme that, for her, the advantages far outweigh the potential negatives of getting a vaccine. She received her two Pfizer pictures (the primary in December 2020, the second in January 2021) regardless of already having overcome Covid earlier.

“I see each day within the ICU the deaths from and long-term results of Covid infections,” she defined the cruel actuality of her job which gives numerous causes for her to not doubt the significance of getting vaccinated.

“I’ve had Covid and know that the danger of reinfection is feasible. To me, the danger of unknown long run results of a vaccine is underruled by the danger of dying by the hands of Covid-19,” she put it plain and easy. Whether or not you agree or disagree with the nurse’s tackle issues is totally as much as you, pricey Pandas—nevertheless it’s a frontline employee’s view of Pfizer and it needs to be taken under consideration.

Snugme has additionally reached out to Palmer for a remark about his trolling, so keep tuned for that as nicely.

Right here’s how individuals reacted once they noticed Palmer trolling anti-vaxxers on-line


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