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This Singaporean Created The Most Epic Proposal In Historical past

Flash Mob Proposal At Changi Airport

Many assume Singaporeans are an unromantic bunch. One man proves the nation incorrect along with his proposal video, during which he used a flash mob to coerce candy discuss his girlfriend into saying ‘Sure’ to his query.

Catch the complete video right here and watch the male protagonist, John, spring a flash mob shock on an unsuspecting Mellissa.


If you happen to’re a Singaporean man, you’ll most likely be cursing John for spoiling market. Maintain your horses — we took a leaf out of John’s e-book and broke it down right into a complete information for thus you’ll (most likely) by no means face rejections.

1. Catch her unawares

No proposal will be full with out the factor of shock. Abruptly, we imply one thing actually large — most likely greatest to incorporate a whole lot of individuals in it. So that you spend just a few months hatching the plan… Lastly, the large day units in. Uh-oh, you’re a bundle of nerves.

Tip: Get her to feed you some meals to calm your nerves. Love at all times works miracles.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 1.34.54 pmSource

2.  Put on a shirt together with her face on it

How else would she understand how a lot you like her? If the cat’s acquired your tongue, show it with the cliche. Actions communicate louder than phrases: Say it with an image. In your shirt.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 1.50.11 pmSource

3. Interact the assistance of a cute mascot

Not assured to drag off a proposal by yourself? We’ve acquired you lined. Merely get a mascot to assist win your potential fiancee over (for you in fact, not the mascot). No woman ever says no to something cute – with a Christmas hat on prime, no much less (or ang baos, in the event you occur to suggest close to the festive event. Any woman can be joyful about it. Particularly if there’s actual cash inside. THERE BETTER BE REAL MONEY INSIDE).

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 11.27.27 amSource

4. Learn your speech out from a bit of paper

C’mon, it’s your day. You positive wouldn’t wish to omit any vital nugget of data on your declaration. You strive your easiest to memorise your speech, however it most likely received’t work anyway…

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 12.03.14 pmSource

The general public consideration isn’t significantly doing you a favour both – you wouldn’t wish to screw up your speech in entrance of an viewers. Fail proof means? Learn it out from a bit of paper.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 11.30.50 amSource

We are able to provide some helpful ideas to enhance the state of affairs although.

Tip 1: Perhaps make the piece of paper smaller so it’s much less conspicuous? Anybody ever heard of word playing cards?

Tip 2: Why say it with phrases? Up the ante while you serenade her with a song-speech of your declaration. (This solely works in the event you sing properly. If you happen to can’t, don’t blame us if she says No.)

Spoiler alert: We’re glad the woman stated Sure to his proposal. It’s intriguing how this couple sprouts garbage… we’re conserving our eyes peeled for a follow-up video.

5. Play merry-go-round together with her

It’s the one refined option to make her dizzy – so she doesn’t have time to wallow in remorse over accepting your proposal.


6. Kneel not more than 5 seconds


Any longer than that makes you a loser. Not solely will it diminish your manliness, she’ll additionally assume you’re slightly too determined.

7. Video it down

Duh. NVNT bro. Nobody will know you proposed in the event you don’t video it down. Not videoing it down means it by no means occurred. The web says so. Which means it’s true.

Proposal or exhibitionism?

The rise in such public proposal movies makes us marvel concerning the true essence of a proposal – is there actually a necessity for such wayang, or is it actually simply exhibitionism? Such proposal movies appear to wish to paint a rosy image of a fairytale in actuality. In addition to, if there’s too many individuals round, the possibilities of her saying Sure are additionally increased.

Which might be what this poor sod thought so too.


(Sure, we’re conscious that is only a business. Sit back.)

Nonetheless, kudos to John for killing two birds with one stone – Getting the woman and publicity for his videography firm.

Wait. Perhaps John was simply filming a business too.


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