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This Girl’s Thread About How Dumb Sexy Guys Are In Horror Films Goes Viral (27 Tweets)

Little doubt a lot of you have got observed how usually films reuse tropes and themes that have been used many occasions in different films. Certain, generally it could possibly work, particularly if it’s a novel twist on the idea. However that’s not all the time the case, and different occasions, the trope is run into the bottom.

Effectively, one horror film trope that has eluded many people is how males in films fall for feminine serial (or not) killers or straight-up monsters in feminine disguise simply because they weren’t considering.

Picture credit: JBRylah

Author, editor, and horror fanatic Juliet Bennett Rylah has lately made a list on her Twitter declaring quite a lot of horror films that, to place it merely, embody dumb sexy guys, and the web liked it.

Picture credit: JBRylah

Try the listing with all of JB Rylah’s feedback included beneath. And whilst you’re down there, vote and touch upon those you want probably the most!


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