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This Fb Group Is All About Awful Wildlife Images And They Are So Unhealthy They’re Good (169 New Pics)

Crap Wildlife Pictures wants no introduction. The web’s powerhouse based 5 years in the past as a Fb group has gone from a few thousand members to boasting a stable 411.3K fanbase. It began when the group went completely viral in January 2020 after being featured on Snugme.

Right this moment, it’s one of the crucial thrilling communities on social media which has individuals sharing weirdly great and impossibly crappy images of wildlife. No excellent photographs, no well-thought compositions, no good timing: crap images celebrates the precise reverse.

So get your popcorn able to scroll via the freshest batch of wildlife pictures with intentionally zero high quality requirements. And after you’re achieved, make certain to take a look at our earlier posts with the identical excellence in crappiness right here, right here, and right here.

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On The Way To Work Today I Looked At My Dashboard With My Toy Dinosaurs On It, And I Thought, I Don't Remember Buying A Lizard

I HAVE A LIZARD IN MY CAR! Once I set to work it was over by the passenger aspect door. I assumed nice, I will simply catch it and let it go. So I did catch it, however as I used to be strolling to place the little man in a bush it wiggled free and ran up the within of my lengthy sleeve shirt! Nice, I’ve a lizard on me. I took off my shirt, it wasn’t within the shirt and I attempted to search out it on my tee shirt. I could not discover it so I put my shirt again on. Then I felt it on my shoulder, I took the shirt again off and it ran to the entrance of my tee shirt. I caught it and let it go….

Tracy L. Ford Report

Possum Broke Into My Friend's Roof A While Back. This Happens Often But You Don't Usually Get A Cross-Section View With Added Eye Contact

To the People on this, that is an Australian brushtail possum. Additionally, whereas I’ve your consideration, might I ask you (for the sake of my dinner) to please specify if you happen to’re utilizing Fahrenheit and never Celsius in on-line recipes? Thanks in your consideration.

Sophie Taylor Report

A Bird In The Bra Is Worth Two In The Bush. (Originally "In The Hand" And Original Quote Attributed To King Solomon)

I’ve by no means but gotten a chook to eat out of my hand, however out of my bra, sure. i’ve even had squirrels in my bra. what number of women can say that? File beneath: methods to amuse your self within the winter throughout a pandemic.

Valerie Crow Report

Above This Crowned Hornbill Is A Bird Feeder Filled With Fat Balls

Weavers are very messy feeders and many of the fats leads to fragments on the garden, the place hornbills and a number of other different birds scoop them up. The hornbill feeds by selecting up the fragment with the tip of its beak then tosses it up and catches it, as captured on this pic

Denis Tweddle Report

I'd Like To Introduce You To Bob And Rico, My Daughter's New Lock Down Buddies! Every Day For The Last 2 Weeks They Come For A Visit. I'm No Longer Sure Who Is Watching Who

At instances to get our consideration they are going to come and faucet on our window with their beaks, and can keep wherever from only a few minutes as much as an hour! I really feel the small white presents they go away on my balcony are a small value to pay for the great publicity we’re attending to this wonderful wildlife.

Christina Fehr Aparecida Report

This Is A Coyote Desperately Looking For A Hole In The Netting To Get Away From An Enraged Opossum Which Was Chasing It

That is one opossum which didn’t take kindly to being coyote-sniffed

David Tatro Report

I Call This Little [Prick] Malfoy

He’s a male Anna’s hummingbird and he’s a complete d**okay. He sits in my lemon tree and guards the feeders and chases off some other hummingbird that he catches making an attempt to feed. He does such a great job of this that he’s FAT. You ever see a fats hummingbird earlier than? Properly now you may have. 

Chris Dobal Report

Trust Me... This Fox Is Not A Pet

It lives within the woods not far-off, and sometimes stops by for a scratching session. I snapped this picture from inside my home.

Curt Finke Report


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