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This Artist Makes use of Rocks As His Canvas To Paint Unbelievable Animal Portraits (129 Pics)

Impressed by nature and animals and “pushed by feelings and curiosity,” Italian artist Roberto Rizzo, who’s now based mostly in southern Spain, paints extraordinarily detailed animal portraits on an uncommon canvas—rocks. Rizzo takes on the problem of making acrylic animal work that curve across the pure shapes of the rock, making every portray a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork. He additionally attracts life like pet portraits for pet dad and mom from all world wide who need to honor their furry buddies in a novel means.

Roberto Rizzo has been portray on rocks since 1996. From tiny rocks that may match within the palm of your hand or near life-size replicas of an animal—this artist is ready to remodel any lifeless rock or stone into an unbelievable hyperrealistic portray that could possibly be simply mistaken for {a photograph}.

Extra information: Instagram | robertorizzoart.net | Etsy


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