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SIA recommence flights in June and July 2020!

Yes! You heard it right! Singapore Airline will recommence select flights to Thailand, Seoul and Japan after reinstating routes

Monday, 1st June 2020. Singapore Airline and Silkair announced that they will add more destinations for domestic and increase the frequency of some flight services.

New flights updates happening in June and July 2020. What a good news to end the Circuit Breaker since the start of it. Below are the list of destinations you can look forward to.

Singapore Airline (Singapore)

Flights that will be re-establish are –

Australia | New Zealand
– Adelaide
– Auckland
– Melbourne
– Christchurch
– Brisbane

Asia Pacific
– Hong Kong
– Vietnam (Hanoi)
– Philippines (Cebu)
– Thailand (Bangkok)
– Indonesia (Jakarta)
– Japan (Osaka | Tokyo)
– Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
– Korea (Seoul)

– United States of America (Los Angeles)

– Denmark (Copenhagen)
– Spain (Barcelona)
– Netherlands (Amsterdam)

But there’s ONE thing that you need to take note! Singapore Airline said that all flights are so called “Subject to certain regulatory approval”. Basically it means that “Things” can changed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Silkair (Singapore)

Transiting via Singapore

Since Circuit Breaker kind of ease of from 2nd June 2020. Flights that transit in Singapore will be allowed slowly and steadily via Changi Airport. More details will be shared once Changi Airport disclose more information to us!

Don’t let your guard down while traveling

Since flights will resume slowly and people are allow to start flying. People still MUST maintain a strict social distancing and other checks such as temperature taking.

Basically, if you want to travel but is NOT essential, then please don’t travel. But if you MUST travel then please stay safe and stay alert.

Singapore Airline Crew Members


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