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Right here’s What The Simpsons Interiors Would Look Like If Wes Anderson Designed Them

We’ve liked The Simpsons for 3 a long time and know every of the present’s areas by coronary heart, however let’s be trustworthy, it’s about time Homer and Marge rent an inside designer to glam their place up. A crew of designers at HomeAdvisor determined to offer this job to the eccentric filmmaker Wes Anderson. They reimagined six traditional areas from the cult animated TV present within the signature distinctive and kooky visible fashion of Wes Anderson and introduced them to life.

The six recognizable areas from the favored TV present included the Simpsons’ lounge, the Simpsons’ kitchen, Lisa’s bed room, Moe’s Tavern, the Springfield Nuclear Energy Plant Sector 7-G, and Mr. Burns’ workplace. These sensible renderings of the Simpsons’ interiors with a unusual remedy appear to be real-life units from a Wes Anderson film.

With the intention to give you “Wes-Andersonified” Simpsons interiors, HomeAdvisor spent hours analyzing the aesthetics of the director’s precise motion pictures Grand Budapest Lodge, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Darjeeling Restricted, Moonrise Kingdom, Rushmore, Unbelievable Mr. Fox, and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

Take an in depth take a look at these Wes Anderson-style makeovers of The Simpsons areas and tell us within the feedback what you assume!

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The Simpsons Household Dwelling Room

Picture credit: 20thcenturystudios

Picture credit: homeadvisor

“That well-known boat on the Simpsons’ wall been swapped for a typical Montague Dawson copy (there’s a Wes Anderson character identify for you). We’ve taken a tip from the Tenenbaums and crammed the gaps with much more artwork. The weirder, kitsch-er, and extra cramped your choice, the higher.

Keep in mind journal racks? Keep in mind magazines? Wes Anderson does. So we’ve popped a captivating teak quantity proper the place anybody else would have their Wi-Fi router. And Anderson’s Simpsons lounge options classic (thrift retailer) lamps and light-weight fittings for that antiquated look.”

The Simpsons Household Kitchen

Picture credit: 20thcenturystudios

Picture credit: homeadvisor

“The Simpsons kitchen has gone ‘Fondant Fancy pink’ underneath Wes Anderson’s eye, a shade pinched from The Grand Budapest Lodge. It now seems like a spot the place you would possibly truly need to sit all the way down to eat! Lowering the variety of colours in play immediately makes ‘random’ particulars just like the classic phone look intentional and classy.

We’ve additionally made a function of the hanging utensils. Hit the thrift retailer (once more) to discover a quirky (and random) saucepan, breadboard, and picket spoon, and you’ve got the beginning of your individual Andersonian artwork exhibition—so long as you dangle them neatly.

The quickest solution to get this search for your self? Paint your kitchen and set up retro home equipment so as to add nostalgia and whimsy.”

Lisa Simpson’s Bed room

Picture credit: 20thcenturystudios

Picture credit: homeadvisor

“There’s no scarcity of prodigious youngsters with super-stylish bedrooms in Wes Anderson’s universe. And if anybody deserves a Wes Anderson design improve, it’s Lisa Simpson. Her Tenenbaums-tinged bed room is as pink because it ever was however now lined with Damask wallpaper so luxurious you could be reconsidering wallpaper.

Any person as bookish as Lisa deserves a dignified bookcase, so we’ve changed her cobalt-blue Ikea monstrosity with a child blue-stained classic discover. A wealth of clashing textures and patterns gives Lisa the fixed stream of inspiration she requires.”

Moe’s Tavern

Picture credit: 20thcenturystudios

Picture credit: homeadvisor

“Homer’s native has famously by no means been cleaned, however at present it will get a full makeover. Wes’s Tavern is impressed by the pale imperial ‘glory’ of The Darjeeling Restricted’s interiors, therefore the ornate patterned home windows and gold leaf paneled ceiling.

We have been additionally impressed by Anderson’s lesser-seen brief movie ‘Lodge Chevalier.’ Whereas the filmmaker creates most of his areas from scratch, for this brief he took Natalie Portman and Jason Schwartzman to the Raphael Lodge in Paris—the place the symmetrical eating room was readymade for the Anderson aesthetic.”

The Springfield Nuclear Energy Plant Sector 7-G

Picture credit: 20thcenturystudios

Picture credit: homeadvisor

“Wes Anderson’s characters are typically maladjusted geniuses and misunderstood artists. Within the Simpsons, the employees of Sector 7-G usually tend to be schmoles, carbon blobs, boobs, cabbage-heads, and chair-moisteners. Is there actually such a distinction between these classes?

Even cabbage-heads deserve a pleasing work setting, so we’ve borrowed the look of the laboratory from The Belafonte (Steve Zissou’s boat in The Life Aquatic). And take a look at the radiation-themed carpet – its colour is impressed by the weave in Jeff Goldblum’s workplace in The Grand Lodge Budapest.”

Mr. Burn’s Workplace

Picture credit: homeadvisor

“Mr. Burns has probably the most Wes Anderson-ish inside in all of Springfield: the size, the symmetry, the stuffed polar bear. However these colours want desaturating to go within the Wesniverse, and the facility plant boss/city despot wants much more muddle to change into a Wes Anderson villain.

Any self-respecting billionaire would have a sterling silver bear (which occurs to be one of many filmmaking awards that Wes Anderson has gained) relatively than rotting previous taxidermy. And spot the rug is somewhat askew? Might that be a trapdoor beneath? Villainy!”


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