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Photographer Captured Two Northern Harriers Exchanging Prey Mid-Air Interview With Artist

Photography brings us a small closer to wildlife that we wouldn’t be in a position to discover in its organic habitat. And when producing it probable for us, wildlife photographers often capture uncommon and expressive photos, like this completely timed photo series of a seamless prey exchange mid-air. This set of superb shots, caught on camera by wildlife photographer Patrick Coughlin, shows female and male northern harriers sharing their prey for probable nestlings.

36-year-old Northern California-primarily based photographer shared his fortunate uncover on Twitter―a weirdly dramatic and suspenseful story is designed just via just 3 photos. We have reached out to Patrick Coughlin, so scroll down to study a lot more!

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A male initiates the exchange by dropping the prey

Image credits: @myrgard

“The birds are northern harriers, a male on the major and female producing the catch. Although they are raising nestlings, the male will do most of the hunting and bring prey back to the female watching the nest. The photographs capture that moment,” the photographer told Snugme.

A female positions to grab the prey while mid-air

Image credits: @myrgard

“Prey transfer is prevalent behavior for Northern Harriers, but difficult to shoot this entire sequence took spot in much less than a second. I had scouted this pair prior to shooting something and picked my shooting place primarily based on time of day, light, and wind. Just after that it is largely patience, I took more than 3000 photographs of this pair, which includes fly-bys and prey transfers that had been as well far away, ahead of receiving these three. It occurred so swiftly I wasn’t positive that I had gotten the shots at the moment. I knew the exchange had occurred but I had no notion if I’d gotten the birds in frame and in concentrate till I reviewed my shots back at household.”

Mission completed

Image credits: @myrgard

These birds of prey are quite prevalent across North America and Canada. Northern harriers are the most owl-like of hawks, which assists them hear superior as they rely on their hearing and vision when hunting. They largely hunt compact mammals and birds and the male will do the job when the female will appear right after the nest. In reality, a single northern harrier may possibly have a lot more households to care about as these raptors are a single of the couple of bird species to practice polygyny and a single male can mate with up to 5 females.

Patrick Coughlin, who has been photographing wildlife largely as a hobbyist for about six years, says that unpredictability is each the most difficult and the most thrilling point about wildlife photography.

“Some of my favored encounters have been completely unexpected and I’m by no means positive what I’ll uncover every single time I go out. I appreciate all wildlife photography but capturing fascinating behavior like this and becoming in a position to clearly see a moment that takes place virtually as well rapid to see in true-time is actually unique.”

Despite the fact that capturing the great shot may possibly come to be a aim for several, this photographer says that respecting wildlife and nature ought to come initial. “It is simple, in particular in wildlife photography, to commence to prioritize receiving the photo more than the welfare of the animals and the atmosphere they reside in. I often make positive that I am not disturbing the animals or disrupting their behaviors. This indicates no bait, no calls, and producing positive that I’m maintaining a respectful distance.”

Men and women had been amazed with the sequence and some even spotted decent meme material

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