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Man Replaces Bike Tires With Round Saws And Goes For A Spin On A Frozen Lake

These of you who performed Half Life 2 know the true energy of a round noticed. For individuals who haven’t, simply know that there’s a horror online game on the market that lets you use large round saws as a weapon (together with the gravity gun) towards the attacking aliens.

Properly, other than that and their precise objective of reducing issues, primarily wooden, apparently, there’s additionally yet one more operate of round saws. YouTube channel The Q exemplifies this by attaching them to his bike instead of the tires, successfully making a round noticed bike.

Oh yeah, you higher consider it’s badass.

Seems, round saws can be utilized for extra than simply reducing wooden—particularly, as wheels for a motorcycle

Picture credit: The Q

So, a YouTube science channel referred to as The Q has just lately come out with a video the place they took a daily mountain bike and made it into one that’s good for destroying your enemies [cough] I imply good for using on a frozen lake in the course of winter.

The video provides a step-by-step clarification (unvoiced one) of how the bike got here to be the round noticed bike. Primarily, what occurs is that they take the wheels off of a mountain bike, disassemble them, and modify the hub in order that it may have a roughly 26-inch round noticed welded to it.

YouTube channel The Q’s newest video showcases simply that, how they created a round noticed blade bicycle

Picture credit: The Q

So, successfully they turned a daily mountain bike with correct wheels and rubber tires…

Picture credit: The Q

The hub is definitely not solely modified, but in addition supplemented with different round structural parts which can be both welded or screwed collectively to strengthen the maintain on the round noticed.

As soon as the large components had been mixed and secured, the rest of the hub was hooked up and the wheels have been put again onto the bike.

… into a motorcycle with saws for wheels—one thing you’d in all probability solely see in horror films

Picture credit: The Q

Picture credit: The Q

Now, the check! Properly, as seen within the video, the primary check was a little bit of a flop—the noticed was simply too sharp to have the ability to experience throughout a frozen lake with out nice effort and operating the danger of reducing a gap in it.

No worries, this was in a short time mounted and the sharp enamel have been modified with steel plates that be sure that the noticed doesn’t dig into the ice. However hey, now we all know what we are able to use to chop massive holes in frozen lakes.

The one half that was truly left of the wheels was the hub, whereas the remainder was all noticed blade with modded components

Picture credit: The Q

Picture credit: The Q

Anywho, after the modification, The Q took it for an additional check run and voila, they have been using the modified round noticed bike throughout ice. The wheels gripped the ice completely, they have been in a position to make turns (not sharp ones, however nonetheless), and all in all, it was a reasonably oddly satisfying sight to see.

Now, this ain’t their first bike rodeo as The Q can be identified for an additional bike design, particularly the Shoe Bicycle (Shoecycle?). It’s just about the identical mountain bike design, besides the rim of the wheel is changed with a bunch of footwear. Why? Properly, why not? If something, it’s an attention-grabbing venture. There was additionally a wooden version, amongst many others.

The blades turned out to be a bit too sharp and it began reducing the ice clear

Picture credit: The Q

So, The Q added a small steel plates to verify it doesn’t sink into the ice

Picture credit: The Q

For the reason that video, it has been going insanely viral, having gathered over 15 million views in mere days and it has been trending all around the web, making headlines on a number of on-line information websites.

Take a look at the total video to see the step-by-step strategy of how the noticed blade bike was born

Picture credit: The Q

If you wish to discover out extra about The Q, why not go to their YouTube channel, Facebook or Instagram. However earlier than you go, what are your ideas on this? Would you need a bike like this? Tell us within the remark part under!


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