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Lady Shares Story Of How A Homeless Man Rejects Her Tea As Charity, Sparks A Debate On Twitter

Little doubt that you simply’ve heard Jerry Belson’s notorious catchphrase “by no means ASSUME, as a result of whenever you ASSUME, you make an ASS of U and ME.” Regardless of many people being nicely conscious of this, we nonetheless, each every so often, fall into this entice as a result of c’mon, we’re all human.

One of many extra unorthodox assumptions which have been drawing Twitter’s consideration was @MilkyLazarus’ current tweet about how she needed to share some tea with a homeless man, however he ended up refusing the supply as a result of he merely most well-liked espresso.

And this sparked a little bit of a polarizing debate amongst many Tweeters on whether or not the homeless man truly had a alternative on this state of affairs.

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The web’s filled with debates, and there was one on Twitter about whether or not the homeless can truly be choosers

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Round every week in the past, Twitter person @MilkyLazarus shared a factor that occurred to her—she needed to get one thing to eat for a homeless man she had stumbled upon on the street.

Primarily based on her tweets, it appears she had requested the person what he needed, and because it turned out that what he needed was a part of a meal deal that additionally included a drink. So she bought that for him with some tea.

It began with this Tweeter sharing how a homeless man reacted to her giving him some tea together with a meal she purchased for him

Picture credit: MilkyLazarus

To her shock, the homeless man refused the tea as a result of he merely most well-liked espresso. In her tweet, Milky stated that this was a humbling expertise to her as she shouldn’t have assumed he’d like tea and will have requested beforehand. In her protection, she assumed everybody appreciated tea.

And this sparked a little bit of a heated debate amongst folks on Twitter. Specifically, folks started debating if the homeless man truly had a alternative right here—if he may have been capable of be a ‘selecting beggar’ right here or not due to the state of affairs that he was in (a minimum of face worth).

This has sparked an enormous debate, with one aspect defending the homeless man’s actions

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You see, there’s this assumption that if an individual is homeless, any assist is healthier than no assist in any respect, even when that homeless particular person doesn’t essentially prefer it. And that is the place two main sides shaped.

On the one hand (and the seeming majority), you’ve got folks saying that sure, the homeless man can and will categorical his alternative right here as a result of he’s nonetheless a human being and taking that away is successfully dehumanizing him—one thing we as a society shouldn’t do.

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Others nonetheless have been of a unique opinion, arguing that the homeless man was within the improper

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Others additionally added that individuals ought to take into account a state of affairs the place the position can be reversed—would you, able as a sufferer of poverty, respect folks forcing their charity upon you with out consideration for issues like allergy symptoms, wants, and whatnot?

The talk additionally spun off from ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ to ‘are you doing this to assist somebody or to make your self really feel good?’

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Alternatively, there have been individuals who argued that no, the homeless needs to be pleased with no matter they get, and this specific man most likely wasn’t hungry or thirsty sufficient as he’s so choosy.

Others argued that the person didn’t respect the reward and the hassle that Milky put into all of this, and he was simply being impolite at that time.

But others put it this manner: when you give one thing to somebody, it’s not yours, and it’s for them to do as they want with this reward of yours, and you’ll’t say something about it at that time.

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But others shared their very own tales of serving to homeless folks with combined outcomes

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There was additionally a camp consisting of people that simply shared tales of occasions they did one thing good for homeless folks with combined outcomes. However whatever the aspect of the talk, the tweet went viral, garnering 137,000 likes with almost 13,500 retweets.

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So what do you consider this? Which aspect of the talk do you’re taking? Tell us within the remark part beneath!


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