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I Ventured Into The Costa Rican Rainforest And Discovered These Cute Honduran White Bats (5 Pics)

Hello everybody! I’m again after a brief break and needed to point out you these cute little distinctive creatures from the world of wildlife in rainforests. These tiny animals are referred to as the ‘Honduran White Bats’ and I discovered them whereas strolling by way of a rainforest in Costa Rica throughout considered one of my photograph walks. They’re additionally present in Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama.

The cuties are additionally referred to as Caribbean white tent-making bat or Cotton ball-bats and what you see is the utmost measurement they ever attain. Their sizes don’t differ a lot between people or between men and women. Nevertheless, males are slightly bit larger and heavier than females, coming in at nearer to 4.7cm or barely bigger.

These bats roost underneath leaves of Heliconia plant and chew on the rim of the leaf for vitamin, therefore the time period ‘tent-making bat’. They’re vegetarians and principally reside their lifetime underneath these leaves. Every roost has about 6-7 bats and so they simply cutely and quietly reside their lives.

Now close to threatened, these distinctive little bats are as treasured as they get and really troublesome to identify. Nature has a lot to supply and see, all we want to verify is we respect and defend them. Take pleasure in and let me know what you assume!

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Honduran white bats roosting

View from underneath the leaf


One other underneath the leaf view

Camouflaging properly

Honduran White bats from Costa Rica:


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