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I Made 3D Puzzles For My Love Of Biking

I completely love biking as accomplish that lots of you! It’s an excellent exercise that by no means seems like one if you end up having fun with the scenes round at your individual tempo. It received me curious sufficient to look into the historical past of bicycles. It was fascinating to undergo all of the variations of bicycles from the traditional to the fashionable and to see how they’re utilized in ingenious methods in components of the world.

What began as an effort to quench my curiosity turned a lot extra. I made fairly a number of scale fashions of bicycles and associated autos. Then got here the thought to transform these into simplified DIY Kits that anybody may assemble. Following are a number of of the 3D Puzzles that I designed. None of them require any glue as they’ve an interlocking system.

You will get your palms on these kits from my web site.

Extra data: scaleddimensions.com

‘Celerifere’, the ancestor of bicycle, invented in 1790

‘LaufMaschine’, the German invention of 1881 is the predecessor of recent bicycle

‘BMX’ bicycle

‘Padyak’, the Filipino BMX bicycle rickshaw

Laser Lower Elements of ‘Padyak’

Indian ‘Cycle Rickshaw’ – A fusion of the bicycle and the standard rickshaw

Interlocking Elements of the ‘Cycle Rickshaw’

‘Hand Pulled Rickshaw’


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