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Google Doodles A Video Celebrating Hawaiian “Over The Rainbow” Singer IZ’s 61st Birthday

There’s no doubt that quite a few, if not all, of you have heard the iconic song More than The Rainbow, initially performed by Judy Garland playing the part of Dorothy in the film The Wizard of Oz from 1939.

If you are like me, you almost certainly very first heard this song sung not by the original singer, but by an additional artist—Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, a Native Hawaiian singer, lyricist, and musician who performed the extra familiar ukulele version of this song.

In spite of his passing back in June of 1997, Kamakawiwo’ole has left an immense legacy not just in Hawaii, but the whole globe. To honor this, Google came out with a Doodle celebrating his life as a musician and as a Hawaiian activist on Could 20th, the day he would have come to be 61 years old.

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Google Doodles are identified for celebrating the excellent and amazing items that have graced the globe

Image credits: Rainbow Team, Google

On Could 20th, a quantity of nations like the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Iceland have been graced by a Google Doodle (provided they open the search engine) devoted to the late Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. As explained on Google’s Doodle web site, the doodle celebrates the 61th birthday of the native Hawaiian ukulele player and activist as a component of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

The artist is finest identified for his melodic and touching rendition of More than The Rainbow, which has struck a chord with the whole globe. He was such a phenomenon in Hawaii’s history, dedicating his life to advocacy of Hawaii’s culture and values, Kamakawiwo’ole is typically also named the Voice of Hawaii.

Image credits: Rainbow Team, Google

On Could 20th, Google decided to celebrate the life and legacy of singer and activitst Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo`ole

Image credits: Rainbow Team, Google

“But Israel is so a great deal extra than 1 song with his band and thriving solo profession, he redefined well known Hawaiian music by way of his personal distinctive style and spread his adore for the islands about the globe. Thank you, Israel, for delivering the soundtrack for Hawai’i and for continuing to move hearts about the globe by way of your music,” reads Google’s page devoted to this now iconic doodle.

There was also a complete-length video released honoring Kamakawiwo’ole with imagery and animation ready by the Rainbow Group at Google Doodle, and the soundtrack—yep, you have guessed it—the musician’s rendition of More than The Rainbow playing. The video retells the story of Kamakawiwo’ole, displaying how he got his ukulele, his character, his musical achievement, and his influence on Hawaiian culture.

Image credits: Rainbow Team, Google

The Rainbow Group at Google came out with some doodles and even a video celebrating the icon’s life

Image credits: Rainbow Team, Google

The doodle was directed by Sophie Diao, lead artist of the Rainbow Group at Google Doodle. She explained that she wanted to make an animated video about his life and legacy that would complement the song with a gentle and loose visual style. With the support of Dalani Tanahy of Kapa Hawaii, the video was embedded with standard Hawaiian kapa, adding depth and dimension to the scene transitions, and Gabrielle Ahuli’i, a Native Hawaiian author and librarian, contributed general concepts and feedback on generating this doodle a reality.

“The foundation for the whole Doodle was the wonderful telephone get in touch with that we had with Jon (Israel’s producer) and Marlene (Israel’s widow). They have been in a position to share their preferred stories about him and give so a great deal context about who he was and what he was all about—even down to his preferred flower (plumeria),” mentioned Diao.

Image credits: Rainbow Team, Google

The doodles and video function components of IZ’s life all wrapped in a standard and cultural Hawaiian aesthetic

Image credits: Rainbow Team, Google

She also explained that when she was speaking to Jon and Marlene, she asked what Israel would’ve wanted the Doodle to be like, and the wife promptly, without the need of hesitation, mentioned “Happy. Life is gorgeous. He loved life.” No matter what, Israel never ever lost his determination to preserve going, and that is felt and observed in the doodle.

Kamakawiwo’ole died at the age of 38 due to respiratory, heart, and other healthcare troubles connected to obesity, leaving a extended list of musical and cultural achievements, possessing spent a great deal of his life advertising Hawaii’s independence and its ideals, becoming the legend that he is nowadays.

The doodle was launched as a component of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Image credits: Rainbow Team, Google

Image credits: Rainbow Team, Google

Watch the Google Doodle video devoted to Kamakawiwo’ole’s life and legacy

Image credits: Rainbow Team, Google

What are your thoughts on this? Have any preferred songs by Kamakawiwo’ole? Let us know in the comments section beneath!


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