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Folks Are Praising The Approach This Bar Dealt with A Man Spiking A Girl’s Drink

Drink spiking is harmful. Ladies who’ve fallen sufferer to it usually share comparable horrifying experiences: they ordered a glass at a bar, blacked out, and awakened sick and numb.

Fortunately, some institutions perceive the implications one thing like this may need on an individual’s whole life and take additional steps to stop it.

A number of days in the past, Reddit person xXSlimi_Gacha009 posted a query to the platform, asking, “Bartenders of Reddit, what was the weirdest/craziest factor you have got overheard whereas making somebody’s drink?” Their post instantly went viral, receiving loads of insightful solutions. However one stood out specifically.

Despite the fact that they weren’t working behind the bar, Pinkyfitts shared a story from a time they have been actually impressed by the best way the workers dealt with a man placing one thing in a lady’s drink.

Picture credit: cottonbro (not the actual photo)

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