Frequently Asked Questions

Common Question(s):

We recommend you to make sure that the profile is ‘Verified’. With that. You will be safe enough to expect no differences in pictures and host’s.

If ever this occur and you do not want to proceed with the service. There will be a penalty fee to pay to the host (Stated in each individual’s profile). As each person’s expectations vary. But so far, we have not receive any complains.

When a profile is ‘Verified’, this mean our management team conducted an interview with the host personally. There are times when no interviews are arranged, the hosts are still able to register their account with us. Thus, some of the profiles are not ‘Verified’.

Traffic vary from country to country, state to state. There are certain known countries and states which have bad traffic, some don’t. We would recommend you to arrange and manage your time carefully. Typically, we would encourage our customers to give some buffer of one hour of travelling time, this is to allow no late arrival of your host.

As much as we would like to share more with all of you, sadly it is no possible due to some confidential information. But what you can be sure of are their age, body stats, height, weight, languages spoken and service(s). Such as name and direct contact details won’t be published.

Such information are stated in their profile. You can choose accordingly.

We are a Europe base company focusing on adult entertainment business using technology to connect your wants and needs. We note every little things and keep a long sight to how we want you to enjoy and yet being discreet as possible. We are SnugMe.

SnugMe advantages is we provide almost all related companionship service(s) for all sex. Disadvantages is, you only didn’t notice us earlier.

You won’t be able to find what we can provide you in a single platform elsewhere. This is a one-stop point, once here forever here.

HC – Health Checked. Those host with this icon means the host’s themselves went for medical check-up and the medical report will be submitted to our management team for record purposes. Typically the medical check-up for the host will be 4 to 6 months once.

Yes, it’s possible. Just type in your request into the ‘Special Request’ box before you check out your payment. Note that it’s still up to the host to agree. We apologize for that in advance.


What are the different types of gender for and what service(s) they provide?

Party Babes girls are always in two, they will join you in clubs, Bars, Pubs etc. They’re job is to accompany you in the entertainment joint just like your good friends. Note that any necessary payment such as entry to the entertainment joint or any relevant will be borne by the customer who book for the service(s).

Lady are individual entity who provide relevant services stated in their profile. Pictures which are verified means they are verified personally by our management team. So do not worry too much on this.

Gentlemen are blokes who provide similar service(s) just like Lady. Only difference is they are not female. In case you are wondering, Gentlemen in the platform are all straight gentlemen.

Ladyboy or Tranny. Who are as what it’s mentioned. Some concern may be whether they are pre or post operated, whether they have boobs and etc. To find out. Simply click on their individual’s profile and it will be stated accordingly.


SnugMe is growing, thus. We have people around the globe as our host. We have almost all ethnicity from Asian to Caucasian. Thus, this allow you to understand the host better by knowing what languages they speak.


SnugMe focus on every single bit of service. From social events to intimate moment. We are making sure the host and customer which is you understand and know what and who you want to book for your particular time or function. Who are more capable of your needs and wants.

Yes, it will. So we encourage you and also our host never to rush and keep things warm and treat every moment just like the best. Take some time to get the mood rolling.

Good question. If you would like to operate your own adult toys. We would recommend you to wash thoroughly in front of the host before using it. This is to ensure a good hygiene practice for both you and the host. Alternatively, you can list your ‘Special Request’ before you end your booking and kindly ask if the host do have adult toys. Note that it’s not a MUST.

We would like to apologize first. We are aren’t able to enforce certain regulations to the host as we are not there for every single booking. We do have a comment box for each host. You can post your positive or negative comment accordingly. Note that any negative comment will be deleted after 5 working days. This is because any negative comment, our management team will speak to the host to understand what happened right after a negative comment received? After which, we will try our best to not let it occur again.

Yes and No. As much as it is. We want to make sure the host and you enjoy a great time together. That being said, if you have any ideas or so. Kindly ask the host politely if it’s possible. Whatever the outcome is, please respect it.

In the event if such happens, to be clear that we DO NOT accept negative perception of racial and nationalities. But we need to respect each host’s preferences. When the host arrived. If the host insists NOT to continue with the booking. There will be a penalty of 1,500 Thai Baht or equal amount of USD $45 which will be payable to the host directly without hesitation. We apologize and hope you understand this.


We are sorry to hear that. Some time is either the website is in an updating process and or, there’s certain changes to the country’s host availability. But do check us out again to see if there’s any new updates.


Service fee are paid to maintain all necessary backend for this platform. We do not charge any other additional or hidden fees.

Sadly, it’s no possible. Only the service fee will be payable first by your credit card. The remaining amount will be payable to the host directly before the service commence. Only cash payment are allowed. We recommend you to pay with local currency to avoid and miscalculation with the host.

Yes. Definitely. If you think the host has provided you an incredible service. You are welcome to tip the host. When one is happy, share the happiness..

We hope this won’t happen. But if it happen. We are sorry that the host will not be able to provide their service(s) to you. So please bare this in mind, make sure you have sufficient amount to pay the host 10 minutes upon host’s arrival and before commencing of the service(s).

If you have any other question(s) which are not answered here in our FAQ(s). Please drop us an email at We will get back to you within few working days.

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