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Chinese man arrested by authorities for growing marijuana in warehouse

Wu Ding Bin, 41. Is now under police custody for growing about 1,000 cannabis in Prawet district, Bangkok, on Tuesday.

One Chinese man got arrested in Bangkok, Bang Kapi district on Tuesday afternoon for growing about 1,000 cannabis plants in a industrial or warehouse for eCommerce sales.

Police Lt Gen Pakapong Pongpetra, commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Bureau said, Mr Wu Ding Bin, 41, got detained near his place on Ramkhamhaeng 24/3.

Police allege that Mr Wu and four other Chinese accomplices grew organic cannabis of foreign varieties at a rented warehouse on On Nut Soi 82, Prawet district. They sold the cannabis via some online platform and delivered via courier services.

Police Lt Gen Pakapong said, ‘Marijuana of foreign varieties is priced about 700,00 THB per kg’.

In 2018, the suspect visited the Kingdom but left. Not long later, he returned again on a student visa, claiming that he is learning Thai boxing in Thailand.

He denied any knowledge of the cannabis that was in the warehouse, he claimed that he is just a electrician and know nothing about it. But when Bangkok chief police and team reviewed the CCTV. The suspect visited the warehouse frequently while carrying a big bag.

Rental of the warehouse is approximately 40,000 THB but the electricity bill was almost doubled or tripled to 70,000 to 100,000 THB per month. The warehouse had lights on throughout the whole day and the air conditional.

What was an idea to kill their business was to cut off all electricity at the warehouse and just let the plants die, said Police Lt Gen Pakapong.

How all this happened was when police caught another suspect Ma Ho Yin, 36. What leads to the arrest of Mr Wu was Ma Ho Yin told the police that Mr Wu was doing the same thing. Ma Ho Yin got arrested at Ramkhamhaeng Soi 27 with about 300 cannabis plants.


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