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Artist Who Made Folks Cry With Her Animal Comics Is Again With One other Tearjerker, And This One Is About Orcas

When pupil and illustrator from Germany, Jenny Jinya, went viral for her ‘Good Boy’ and ‘Black Cat’ comics, she might’ve turned each of these tales into their very own sequence. Nonetheless, she took a unique route. One which’s extra socially accountable. Every of Jenny’s new comics focuses on totally different animals, affected by one type of human cruelty or one other. Like the results of waste on seabirds or the large variety of parrots which are being discarded daily. The artist has lots of of 1000’s of followers on her social media accounts, so the quantity of consciousness she raises is absolutely one thing.

Her newest strip offers with orcas in captivity — their poor situations and premature deaths. Proceed scrolling to test it out your self.

Extra data: Jenny-Jinya.com | Patreon | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Picture credit: jenny_jinya

Like at all times, Jenny Jinya included a public service announcement

Right here’s what a few of her followers have been saying in regards to the challenge


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