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60 Individuals On Reddit Share Their Finest “I Can’t Consider I’m This Dumb” Moments

Again in late 1999, two psychologists from Cornell College—Justin Kruger and David Dunning—put it to the take a look at whether or not individuals who lack the abilities or talents for one thing are additionally extra susceptible to lack consciousness of that missing. They began off their analysis paper with an instance of a Pittsburgh financial institution robber, McArthur Wheeler. McArthur was arrested in 1995 shortly after robbing two banks in the course of the day, with no masks on, or every other type of disguise. When the police caught as much as him and confirmed him the footage from safety cameras, the robber was confused. “However I wore the juice,” he protested. Because it later turned out, the poor man believed that in case you rub your face with lemon juice, will probably be invisible to safety cameras. Yeah, proper… The 2 psychologists did different checks too that proved that their concept stands appropriate—the much less competent you’re, the extra you assume extremely of your intelligence.

What later has grow to be often called the Dunning-Kruger impact may most likely clarify why some incompetent individuals are simply so rattling annoying. Additionally, it could possibly present an perception into why we get pleasure from spending time with those that are in a position to snigger at themselves and their dumb mind farts. Do not you assume it takes a sensible particular person to confess that they are often very, extraordinarily, overwhelmingly dumb? Due to this fact, all of those 60 folks, who had been courageous (and sensible!) sufficient to publicly admit the dumbest issues they did, deserve a medal. Whereas we cannot really ship a medal to every considered one of these folks, we propose you’re taking a scroll by means of this record the place they’re sharing situations that made them query their very own intelligence. As all the time, vote for those you want probably the most and do not forget to share dumb moments that made you query your personal thoughts!

Things-That-Made-People-Question-Their-Intelligence Thrice now, I’ve taken the cap off of a tube of tremendous glue and put it in my mouth to carry it. Three. Occasions.

cn2092 , Andrew Gustar Report

Things-That-Made-People-Question-Their-Intelligence I locked my automotive keys within the trunk of my automotive, hours later once I obtained my keys out, I proceeded to reenact what occurred to my pals, full with really locking my keys within the trunk once more…

RedCaribou57 , Nick Ledford Report

Things-That-Made-People-Question-Their-Intelligence Fixing a clogged sink by eradicating the drain pipe and totally rinsing it beneath the faucet of the sink I simply eliminated the drain from.

Amhil , homejobsbymom Report

Things-That-Made-People-Question-Their-Intelligence My coworker requested if there’s lactose in eggs, I believed to myself “they each come from the identical animal, so possibly”. For five seconds, I believed milk got here from chickens.

[deleted] , vanessa lollipop Report

Things-That-Made-People-Question-Their-Intelligence Made some soup on the range in a saucepan and poured it right into a bowl and among the soup dripped down the aspect of the boiling saucepan so I licked it

Jayes123 , joefoodie Report

Things-That-Made-People-Question-Their-Intelligence A few weeks in the past, I heard my neighbors cat meowing, so I responded with a “meow” of my very own. This went on for about 3-Four exchanges till I opened the door and located it was not a cat, it was simply one other dude meowing again at me. So many unanswered questions.

jtroxx , pickpik Report

Things-That-Made-People-Question-Their-Intelligence Put some scorching, boiling sauce right into a shot glass to let it calm down for tasting. Do one thing else for ten seconds. Spot shot glass ‘Ah proper I needed to verify the style’. Proceed to not gently suckle on it, however down the nonetheless nearly boiling, fatty fluid into my mouth like chilly vodka.

TheBoldMove , Wikimedia Commons Report

Things-That-Made-People-Question-Their-Intelligence One time I microwaved a single mozzarella stick for 30 seconds. It appeared an acceptable period of time. When it was finished I popped it in my mouth to eat it. It was molton lava scorching. Because it seared the inside workings of my mandible my mind started screaming “eliminate it!” So I did. By swallowing it. I felt the burn journey down my esophagus and into my abdomen. It damage so dangerous. It was solely made worse by my pal laughing hysterically at me and exclaiming that even dumb dumbs know to spit it out.

MarilynMonroeVWade , Celsim Junior Report

Things-That-Made-People-Question-Their-Intelligence I as soon as threw a stone excessive within the air straight above me. Completely no cause for that, simply because I may I assume. As an alternative of strolling away, I stored standing there, trying on the stone falling down till it was too late to maneuver. I nonetheless managed to place my palms up defending my head, damage quite a bit anyway.

I do not assume I will ever win a Nobel prize.

HerrgottMargott , pikrepo Report

Things-That-Made-People-Question-Their-Intelligence I’ve a key fob for my automotive. It’s arrange in order that in case you hit the lock button as soon as, it locks the automotive. In case you hit the identical lock button once more, it locks it once more and honks the horn so you recognize you’ve locked it for positive. The factor is, I all the time wish to make tremendous positive that it’s locked, however generally I come house to my apartment tremendous late, and my parking spot is correct beneath another person’s window. I seen that if the important thing fob was farther away from the automotive once I hit the button twice, the honk was not as loud. So out of consideration, I’d all the time wait til I used to be midway up the steps to do the double lock honk. What a fantastic neighbor I’m!

Anyway, after possibly 2+ years of doing this, one time my girlfriend and I had been in my apartment and I spotted I wanted one thing out of my automotive. So I am going down there however once I get there I understand I had forgotten my keys. Properly, I had my cellphone, so I referred to as my girlfriend and requested if she would stick her arm out the window with the important thing fob and unlock my automotive. She mistakenly hit the lock button twice and my automotive honked. Actually loudly! Though she was all the best way up on the third ground!

It was solely then I spotted…the honk was all the time the identical. It solely sounded softer once I was farther away…as a result of I used to be farther away.

I’ve a grasp’s diploma…

MisterWonka , Luz Report

Things-That-Made-People-Question-Their-Intelligence I went my complete life considering the saying was “the ghost is evident” as an alternative of “the coast is evident”. Im 21 simply discovered yesterday at work lol

JonAnimeRivera , Adam Engelhart Report

Things-That-Made-People-Question-Their-Intelligence I as soon as had a mind fart and forgot that porcupines had been animals. I used to be hanging out with my household and my niece talked about that her favourite animal was a porcupine, and I laughed for an excellent very long time earlier than explaining to her that porcupines weren’t animals. I might gotten them combined up with pine cones.

I’ve a graduate diploma. My niece was possibly 6 on the time. She schooled me.

Secretlysidhe , Eric Kilby Report

Things-That-Made-People-Question-Their-Intelligence Whereas serving to my girlfriend make dinner one evening we wanted some lemon juice and she or he requested me to squeeze a lemon. Now logic would dictate you chop the lemon in half earlier than you squeeze the juice out of it, however not this good [guy]. No sir! I simply squeezed the [hell] out of it, rolling and palming it in my hand till the peel lastly broke, releasing the lemon juice right into a bowl as requested. For sure, when she turned and noticed what I had finished she was amazed (most likely by my impeccable skill to comply with orders). She then requested how I ever managed to reside alone, and I am fairly positive that is why I am not allowed within the kitchen anymore.

robjo8 , RussesEnFr Report

Things-That-Made-People-Question-Their-Intelligence I drove over a mattress

It was in an alley in a puddle, I believed I’d glide proper over it. Factor obtained caught in my tire effectively, needed to name a tow truck to carry my automotive and beat it out with a hammer. Subsequent morning discovered that it had punctured my entrance left tire and needed to get a brand new one. Did one other dumb factor by considering I get an entire new wheel not simply tire so ditched my wheel by the dumpster after which drove to the storage on a flat spare solely to be despatched house to get my wheel additionally.

It was a nasty day or two

doppz1 , Marufish Report

Things-That-Made-People-Question-Their-Intelligence I regularly see a person cross a four-lane highway close to my house. We’ve got a reasonably comparable schedule and I see him typically. He is well-known within the neighborhood and he is deaf. NBD.

I as soon as slowed down as he crossed the 4 lane in driving, white-out, downpour rain and I although to myself, aw man, he would not know it is raining as a result of he is deaf.

Sloots_and_Hoors , Wikimedia Commons Report

Things-That-Made-People-Question-Their-Intelligence A pair months in the past, my husband and I went on a stroll. There are loads of trails the place we reside and a few lakes. So we walked down a path to the lake, turned left up one other path, and ended up on the prime of a road. We begin strolling down the road and I understand there’s a home that has a wishing effectively of their entrance yard like we do. I level it out to my husband after which I understand they’ve the identical truck we do, too. I level out the truck after which I understand that we had been in entrance of our personal home. It wasn’t my brightest second.

ritathecat Report

Things-That-Made-People-Question-Their-Intelligence one time i used to be fascinated about aqua from Konosuba and i assumed “pure blue hair is not actual, however what about blue eyes?”

i’ve blue eyes

i’ve blue eyes and i used to be questioning their existence

AluminiumSandworm , Wikimedia Commons Report

Things-That-Made-People-Question-Their-Intelligence A couple of years in the past I googled “do the folks upstairs have a cat?” and it has by no means left me :/

munstre , A4-Nieuws Report

Went to a financial institution to withdraw cash. Financial institution teller requested me how I would really like it and I stated: “in money”. Financial institution teller simply stared at me, whereas my pal is dying of laughter. In the meantime, I stand not understanding the difficulty.

extrmden7 Report

I used to be sitting in site visitors, and I seen that each one the opposite lanes had been transferring whereas mine hadn’t budged an inch. I craned my neck making an attempt to see what the maintain up was, and at last found out that I wasn’t in a lane in any respect, however had been patiently ready behind a line of parked automobiles.

pollypostmormon Report

Wished to mild a candle. Struck a match. Modified my thoughts about which candle I needed to mild, and determined to mild a Yankee jar candle as an alternative. Could not get the lid off with one hand. Caught the lit match in my mouth so I may use each palms to get the lid off.

Could not scent the scented candle.

Might solely scent singed nostril hair for days.

blinky84 Report

A couple of years in the past i couldn’t determine if the brand new electrical range was on or off. I used to be conversant in flame stoves so i caught my hand flat on the heating coil. My hand had burnt round stripes throughout it. The range was scorching.

kim77angle Report

Usually once I’m closing a door shortly I’ll maintain the sting of the door reasonably than the door knob. You could be questioning: “is not your hand in the best way of closing stated door then?!” The reply is sure, I’ve slammed my fingers in doorways too many occasions as a result of I refuse to carry the fucking door knob.

avalxnche Report

Made a cup of espresso, obtained out a cereal bowl, poured cereal into my espresso, then put the cereal field again within the fridge.

sweetycool76 Report

One morning my imaginative and prescient was all blurry so I began freaking out and referred to as my gramma to take me to the physician. Then like 20 minutes later realized I simply forgot to place my glasses on. I’ve worn them since 1st grade and completely forgot for half an hour.

[deleted] Report

So this occurred a pair days in the past, I obtained house from college drained as hell so I resolve to take a nap at round 5:00. Properly it seems to be actually deep and once I get up my clock says 7:50. This freaks me the [hell] out as a result of college begins at 7:20 and I shortly get modified and dash out to my automotive to drive to high school. As I am driving there’s surprisingly little site visitors however I do not assume something of it and I pull as much as the college car parking zone. It’s utterly empty and I am confused as hell so I stroll over to 2 cops and so they inform me that it’s really eight pm not am and I understand that I most likely appear to be the most important dumbass round. I simply yelled at myself all the best way house about how dumb I’m.

hrd2beat Report

Advised my pal that the 4th of July celebrations should be stunning on the place we had been. We had been in Linlithgow, Scotland and I used to be speaking concerning the palace and loch. Pal is Scottish. For apparent causes they don’t have a good time the 4th of July.

Nopefthis Report

Till I used to be 16 I believed that darkish meat and chicken got here from totally different turkeys

Thatjewish_guy Report

I used to be in school at some point messing round with my stapler.

“I ponder what’ll occur if I staple my finger.” *Staples finger.”

“Huh. I do not know what I anticipated.”

Edit: I really feel I ought to point out I used to be 16 when this occurred.

XMrCoolWhipX Report

I needed to make cookies for my mother that spelled “mother” and I ordered one “o” and two “m” cookie cutters

CichaelMlifford Report

I spotted this yr that pufferfish fill themselves with water after they broaden as an alternative of air… I’m 25

Dane_Gleessak Report

As soon as I picked up a lemon, questioned “do lemons bounce?”, and instantly threw it on the bottom.

It was the final lemon.

They don’t bounce.

evandolajakulater Report

I’ve lived at my home for half a decade and I nonetheless get combined up on which method the important thing goes within the entrance door. I am beginning to marvel if I ought to get examined.

ShoddyBiscotti1 Report

I took the unsuitable prepare to get again house and did not understand it till i had already sat in it for greater than half an hour. Twice. It was the identical unsuitable prepare that leaves a couple of minutes earlier than the prepare i needed to take. I used to commute the very same route for years.

A one-hour drive took me 5 hours till i obtained house. When i spotted that i used to be sitting within the unsuitable prepare AGAIN, I cried.

[deleted] Report

Could not discover my glasses. They had been on my face.

Additionally walked right into a pole. Not a small pole.

DarkwingLlama Report

Once I was cleansing out my shed within the again, I stepped on a rake and the pole smacked me within the face. Actually, just like the cartoons. It occurred three extra occasions earlier than I got here up with the brilliant thought to maneuver the rake.

ceeman77 Report

Each elevator happening in a busy NYC lodge was already full of individuals so I made a decision to go up. Once I obtained to the ultimate ground I by accident obtained out of the elevator as an alternative of simply staying put.

mlw72z Report

First day of college I am going out to discover the campus, solely to search out the identical odd piece of litter within the corners of a number of buildings, nearly seemingly strategically positioned. much more oddly, it was the identical precise piece of cardboard trash I stored seeing. Unusual, however most likely simply leftovers from an occasion the place the college handed out one thing saved in them. Upon seeing the fifth or so inproperly disposed of piece of cardboard, I take it upon myself to be an excellent citizen and correctly recycle the misplaced trash. A easy sufficient job that even I could not screw up! I casually stroll to the nook, kneel down, decide up the piece of trash and…

I can solely think about what folks should’ve thought after seeing me react to the piece of trash that had by some means outsmarted me, gluing itself onto my pores and skin. I used to be like a cat with a chunk of tape on its paw, flailing wildly, too afraid to scream, the one sound that may very well be heard was cardboard flippyflaps echoing down the halls.

After the 4th or fifth good swing on the air, the cardboard remained completely affixed to my pores and skin and I had lastly begun to understand what was taking place. I, a superior mind, a pupil of a effectively revered college, had been caught.

By a mousetrap. GG.

Siracle Report

I noticed an animal within the woods behind my home and my rapid thought was KANGAROO!

I reside in Indiana.

[deleted] Report

At my firm we had the brand new director of HR are available to speak to a few hundred folks. He began occurring and on about how we have to enhance ourselves and work on our private requirements.

Then he begins asking questions of the viewers as he walks round. He says,

“Does anybody know what the R phrase is?”

I confidently raised my hand–thinking now’s the time to get some straightforward face time with the brand new government.

Exec: “Sure, son?”

Me: “Retard”

Your complete place went lifeless quiet and everybody rotated and checked out me.

Black woman subsequent to me: “Oh lawwwwd….”

Exec: “How about reorganization?”

I really do not keep in mind what occurred previous that. However I’ve a job.

I nonetheless have nightmares

BornCavalry Report

Phoned the police to report my automotive stolen after being unable to search out it after a buying journey.

As I used to be on the cellphone I regarded round idly, at which level I noticed my girlfriend’s automotive. I might borrowed it. Mine was within the storage for an MOT.

thepollitt Report

I had a key ring which was this little piece of plastic with paper inside. I wrote my handle on it incase I misplaced my key.

[deleted] Report

I attempted to make use of a birthday card that I obtained from my grandparents for my 18th birthday as ID to get into an evening membership.

wgroenning Report

I suspected a roommate of stealing my meals from the fridge, so I put a lock on the fridge and freezer door handles. Seems you possibly can nonetheless open each.

Jermbroni Report

Locked myself out of the home and could not decide my locks

I am a locksmith by commerce

BurntToast__ Report

A pair years in the past I used to be transferring out of my residence, so I had the entire place packed up. I had a chilly on the time, so I made a decision to take some alka-seltzer. With all my cups put away, I get the concept that I ought to simply toss the meds in my mouth, and drink out of the sink to clean it down. Properly the tabs get caught in my throat and the water begins activating the meds. I am sitting there alone in my kitchen, clutching my throat and foaming on the mouth into the sink. I used to be ashamed I used to be about to die within the least cool method ever. Fortunately they dissolved shortly sufficient for me to catch my breath and never die.

emerica1184 Report

I could not discover a colander when the pasta was finished, however I discovered the factor you utilize to steam greens (there isn’t any deal with on these). So I held the factor over the sink, and poured boiling water straight onto my hand.

PM_me_duck_pics Report

Attempting to drive on a protracted journey (Austin to San Diego) once I knew I used to be drained.

Stored considering “I am nearly there… I could make it.” Opened the home windows, sang heavy metallic on the prime of lungs, pinched myself painfully. Then hit site visitors nearly twenty miles from my vacation spot. Wakened passing automobiles going about 10 mph on the shoulder.

Then made the identical mistake a pair years later driving to SD from Seattle in a single stretch. Dozed off going about 60 down the 5 in LA at about 4am. Lucky to get up earlier than going off the highway or hitting one of many few different automobiles.

No joke how briskly it could possibly creep up on you from considering you’ve got issues beneath management to realizing simply how shortly your physique will shut down.

joIIyswagman Report

Was folding laundry one afternoon.

Picked up a white shirt with some pale gray letters, regarded very classic. Had a black collar. I am this shirt and see the letters are some type of bizarre font/ launguage.

It appears to be like just like the Elf language from LOTR in font and German lettering, with a number of diaeresis and vaguely acquainted letters.

So I am standing there for like 5 minutes, carefully learning this rattling shirt making an attempt to determine WTF language that is, even asking my boyfriend if he is aware of the place he obtained this shirt (is it a band title? reward from someones trip abroad?) I imply I am going loopy making an attempt to determine it out, this acquainted but by no means earlier than seen language.

Seems it was an American Eagle shirt inside out…

PM-me-your-downvotes Report

I used to boil eggs in my kettle, one time an egg cracked so I needed to clear it out. To see if the water was ‘eggy’ afterwards I made a decision to scent the steam because it got here out…

Immensely_British Report

I’m ready in an airport in a international (to me) nation proper now. That is my second time within the airport and my third booked flight. The primary one I used to be studying a e-book on the gate and didn’t discover everybody leaving (how?!) I watched that aircraft transferring down the runway and questioned how lengthy till I’d be boarding. I rebooked the flight for the subsequent day, however by accident booked the unsuitable one and it left whereas I used to be sleeping peacefully at my lodge. I’m a bit nervous about this third one tbh.

Glitter_berries Report

I snuck out to do teenagerly issues at round midnight and obtained again at round Four within the morning. I very slowly, agonizingly slowly, took my keys out of my pocket, chosen the proper key, inserted it into the entrance door lock at a velocity of 1 tumbler per fortnight, rotated it counterclockwise whereas palming the remainder of the keys in order to not allow them to jingle and efficiently unlocked the door. I eliminated the important thing from the lock on the identical snails tempo and put my keys again in my proper entrance pocket. I went to achieve for the doorknob and rang the doorbell. That was once I died.

HRHill Report

I farted whereas we had been unfold out sitting on the bottom in my gymnasium class. Everybody regarded behind in the direction of me and I regarded behind me, solely to see that I used to be a wall.

pooka50465046 Report

I noticed a bear within the woods and panicked so I threw meals at it.

Mew16 Report

Had a biscuit in hand and the ear cellphone within the different. Put the biscuit in ear and ear cellphone in mouth. At work. Why should I be such a disappointment.

Kuroyukihime_98 Report

Stayed at an Air BnB this weekend. It took me a full 2 minutes to determine easy methods to get the water to come back out of the bathe head as an alternative of the decrease spout.

I used to be pulling, pushing, twisting, bopping, and man dealing with each floor of that bathtub {hardware} till i found out you simply pull down on the tip of the spout.

I took that bathe in disgrace.

Saturn_5_speed Report


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