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55 Scary Theories Shared On Reddit That Are Giving Folks The Creeps

That you simply may pay attention to every little thing occurring to you throughout surgical procedure, the anesthesia retains you from transferring and causes you to neglect.

mikedorty Report

If the human physique senses trauma it’s unable to fight, it can change off metabolism, pump endorphins, and slip right into a ache free dissociative state.

In essence, shutting down. Its been seen in air crashes and many locations actually.

Principally your physique can change itself off.

I_a_n0t_am_r0b0t Report

That each one clever life kills itself.

So the speculation began out with the Fermi Paradox, mainly there are such a lot of planets on this galaxy, not to mention your entire universe, that it’s statistically unimaginable that we’re the one planet that developed clever life. So the place is all people?

Nicely the secondary principle is that each clever species reaches the purpose the place they’ve a know-how that may kill their whole species. And that the overwhelming majority find yourself killing themselves at that time. Those that survive this time of their historical past are so uncommon that we’ve not discovered them and so they have not discovered us. As a species we reached that time in our historical past with the invention of nuclear weapons, and had been on the top of threat throughout the Chilly Warfare (a minimum of so far in our collective historical past) however there are numerous applied sciences that might deliver a species so far of their historical past. This may imply that whereas up to now we have survived that it is statistically unlikely we are going to survive long run.

Atiggerx33 Report

Might or not be a “principle”, however the very first thing I considered was that feeling you get once you’re on prime of a constructing and suppose “what if I jumped?” Or once you’re driving and suppose “what if I simply swerve into visitors.”

Nicely it’s truly bought a reputation: L’appel du vide. French for “The decision of the void.” I all the time thought the thought of some ethereal presence calling you in the direction of darkness… creepy.

MurderousRooster Report

I noticed a principle that we really reside via our whole once more within the moments earlier than dying, however that it is a loop. If you attain your second of dying throughout your second of dying, you relive it once more. And once more. And once more. Trapped in a loop with no distinction, no consciousness, ceaselessly.

SandwitchZebra Report

In case you’re scuba diving above a coral reef, and you recognize that there SHOULD be fish throughout you, however you do not see any, it is probably that they’ve discovered that for some motive it is vital to not be seen.

And since you are a newcomer to this atmosphere, likelihood is it is not you they’re hiding from.

EDIT: the variety of scuba divers saying they’ve skilled this after which seen a shark close by is alarming.

AndysBrotherDan Report

The idea that the final moments of consciousness earlier than dying can really feel like a literal eternity, and the place your thoughts can create whole realities from blissful to horrifying. So in a method the specter of enduring a hellscape of everlasting struggling could be very actual it doesn’t matter what you imagine.

cyainanotherlifebro Report

Our “world” is out notion of our environment in our Three dimensional life. It’s attainable that we live amongst beings, issues and occasions that we can’t expertise as a result of we’re Three dimensions and they aren’t.

ChuckeyT Report

People are fearful of issues that mimic them too completely, the speculation is that we developed this as a result of there was an excellent predator of some kind that might mimic us and kill us. However we by no means knew what occurred to it

Tressel44 Report

We’ve all just about heard of Uncanny Valley (the creeped out anxious feeling once you take a look at one thing that’s humanoid however there’s one thing clearly improper with it. Just like the wax figures at Madame Tussaud’s or that AI robotic Sophia)

However my favourite principle to return out of it’s that we get that unusual feeling as a result of someplace alongside human evolution we’ve discovered to be cautious of issues that look human… however aren’t.

General-LeeAnxious Report

That now we have so little information in regards to the deep darkish elements of the ocean and don’t really know what lurks there

MouldyBoulder Report

The Butterfly impact. It makes me really feel like deciding whether or not to decide on black shirts or white shirts would enhance or lower my possibilities of dying younger.

IamPenguin_0917 Report

Extra of a narrative than a principle, but it surely correlates to a few of these and makes me suppose some may very well be actual. Once I was youthful I had this little stuffed animal canine I named rocky. One evening, my youthful sisters and I (who all slept in the identical room so we may hangout collectively) had been messing round, and I two handed over head tossed rocky into the wall immediately in entrance of my mattress. He hit the wall, slid down behind no matter was in entrance of my mattress, and was NEVER seen once more. I instantly went to go get him and he simply wasn’t anyplace. We tore the entire whole small room aside. All of us noticed the occasion happen. Over time the room has been fully emptied out, every little thing in it rearranged, partitions painted, everything- and no rocky. He simply fully phased out of existence. Makes me suppose he glitched out of the system or one thing.

pjb145 Report

Not a principle however actuality. Schizophrenia can occur to anybody, at any age, even to completely wholesome individuals. Think about being regular after which waking up someday and seeing and listening to issues that are not truly there. That’s actually scary and creepy.

LouisTheXVII Report

In case you die by being beheaded the very last thing you may see is your decapitated physique.

groov99 Report

Throughout the Challenger accident from 1986, at any time when the shuttle exploded, the bottom crews had the astronauts EKG’s and very important scans….after the explosion, the astronauts had been nonetheless alive. Concept has it that they had been cognizant your entire time till they crashed within the ocean.

seanh47 Report

The Gaian Bottleneck principle. Principally the rationale we have by no means encountered or been contacted by aliens is as a result of they’re all useless. Each alien species that advanced to type superior societies finally outgrew their planet and destroyed themselves. Like we’re.

applezombi Report

Spontaneous combustion. I watched a wierd however true episode about this as a baby and was satisfied I would randomly burst into flames someday. I am over it now however that was my prime concern for a very long time.

yer_maws_a_username Report

The primary man in house (some Russian cosmonaut whose identify I am unable to bear in mind) was not the true first. The precise first was a cosmonaut whose mission was unsuccessful and he both died in orbit or on reentry. As soon as it grew to become obvious that he was doomed the Russian authorities reduce off communications, leaving him to die in isolation, and lined up the existence of the mission.

apatheticnihilist Report

It is scary that there are literally thousands of serial killers on the market at any 1 given time who typically simply mix in with the remainder of society and reside regular lives. Many won’t ever be caught.

eculilumab Report

Some individuals have had some unusual NDEs (Close to Loss of life Experiences). Going via web sites cataloging them generally is a journey. I am keen to attribute a few of them to mind harm and a few as “legit” although I will by no means be capable of inform which is which.

Loss of life mattress visions give me a hotter sense of safety. I am unable to think about how peaceable it should be to die and see your deceased family members there to make sure you make it safely to the opposite facet.

recovering_spaz Report

The idea that we’re all quantum immortals and when somebody dies in our actuality for them they only carry on getting in a actuality the place they did not

Im_The_Wanderer Report

That people virtually went extinct. 70,000 years in the past a volcano in Indonesia erupted. There’s theories that now we have a genetic bottleneck round that point. Took our inhabitants all the way down to 10,000-3,000 (like the dimensions of 1 small city). A lot of contemporary genetic materials died with those that had been misplaced and the ensuing inbreeding may have resulted in some genetic illnesses which have made their method into people as we speak. With out this occasion, we might have superior sooner and be more healthy individuals as we speak.

ZeDitto Report

A while sooner or later, if we do not disappear earlier than, people will most likely be capable of bio-engineer themselves to keep away from dying by outdated age. Most likely solely the richest individuals would get this, founding an immortal elite of dynasties that can be capable of rule nations by themselves, whereas widespread individuals merely preserve dying as all the time.

Now virtually everybody consider dying as one thing regular and unevitable, as a part of our nature. However then, in that hypotethical future, dying shall be seen like a illness which treatment it is evaded widespread individuals by that ruling elite.

Dawn_of_Enceladus Report

Cosmology may be disturbing.

For example, I just lately discovered of useless finish journeys. There are some locations that you simply should not attempt for. It is attainable to journey so distant from the place you began, that the growth of the universe will exceed the velocity you had been travelling at.

You possibly can’t return residence, as a result of house is receding sooner than you possibly can journey.

You possibly can’t attain your vacation spot, as a result of it too is receding sooner than you possibly can journey.

You possibly can now not get anyplace, solely get additional away from every little thing.

You can not attain any vacation spot, even for those who journey ceaselessly.

Sexycoed1972 Report

The universe may very well be dying, and we might don’t have any method to know till we simply instantly vanish from existence.

There may very well be a kind of quantum vitality wave, cannot bear in mind what it is referred to as as a result of it has been so lengthy since I examine it. Zero level collapse, perhaps? Vacuum bubble burst? However no matter it’s, it is an vitality wave that begins sooner or later, and spreads outward on the velocity of sunshine, annihilating any matter, vitality, and even spacetime in its path.

As a result of the wave travels on the velocity of sunshine, it’s invisible. We’d don’t have any method of seeing it coming, as a result of any mild emitted by it could hit us at the very same time that the wave itself hits us.

So, abruptly, the solar may simply vanish from existence. We would not discover as a result of the solar’s mild from eight minutes in the past would nonetheless be reaching us. Eight minutes later, the earth simply vanishes from existence. No warning. No hint.

ekolis Report

The idea that scented candles beginning getting poor evaluations on the similar time COVID hit the US. Makes you marvel how many individuals have delicate COVID earlier than we even knew about it, pairing the dearth of style and/or odor as one of many fundamental signs related to delicate COVID circumstances.

Joedirt7309 Report

I had a professor in school who taught physics and he defined why we are going to doubtless by no means come throughout aliens. The universe is about 14 billion years outdated. Over the course of that point, it’s doubtless that clever life, in addition to life on earth, has existed. Nonetheless, 14 billion years is an INSANELY very long time. Different life varieties have most likely risen and fallen hundreds of instances over. Excessive dynasties with know-how we are able to solely dream of getting have most likely existed. Life varieties may have lasted a whole lot of hundreds of years and nonetheless not even be near our timeline. The possibilities of different clever life varieties current concurrently people, within the 14 billion years the universe has hosted a risk for all times, is admittedly unlikely. Statistically, clever life to have fashioned, prospered, and even existed concurrently people is extraordinarily small merely because of the absolute drop in a bucket that we’re on phrases of time. We might very nicely be fully alone within the universe.

theasteroidrose Report

“There’s a principle which states that if ever anybody discovers precisely what the Universe is for and why it’s right here, it can immediately disappear and get replaced by one thing much more weird and inexplicable. There’s one other principle which states that this has already occurred.” – Douglas Adams

wisequackisback Report

Typically I will encounter random strangers that I get a wierd vibe from, like they’re noticing me extra. It is made me suppose, “what if there are time touring vacationers simply strolling round, and I am somebody vital and so they need to meet me earlier than I do no matter it’s I will do?”

Jimmyg100 Report

The idea that there’s an infinite variety of parallel universes branching out at every second with all attainable outcomes for every state of affairs.

As an example that is true and also you play Russian roulette. 5 out of six of attainable “you” would reside and one would die however irrespective of what number of instances you play there would all the time be variations of you that might survive. This may give these variations of “you” the phantasm of immorality. This may imply that irrespective of the dangers you’ll take, there would all the time be some model of you that might survive.

If that is true, it could imply that you could possibly reside your life fully freed from the concern of dying and tackle any threat. However the one method to know if that is true is to show your self to excessive odds of deaths, repeatedly.

Additionally this could imply that as time handed there would all the time be a extra decrepit and invalid model of you surviving, perhaps ceaselessly…

In any case that or lizard individuals.

Gougeded Report

There is a principle that the universe is increasing and compacting once more, repeated ceaselessly, and that which every growth we relive historical past over again however with slight variations.

Do not forget that time you had deja vu? Some individuals suppose you are seeing a earlier model of historical past play out… which suggests you are caught reliving your life… ceaselessly.

It is a darker spin on the multiverse thought, I suppose.

TheRavingRaccoon Report

That no person has any free will and that every little thing in your future is definitely already predetermined.

sea8cloud8 Report

That the numbers of people who go lacking per yr expressed as a share occurs to be the identical share as the quantity of animals that get picked off from a herd in a yr by predators. It implies we’re being farmed.

Coraon Report

That thoughts management truly exists. It is one thing that might by no means go public as a result of whoever was capable of excellent it first could be within the place to apply it to whoever is conscious of its existence.

strykerfett Report

That is fairly cliche however the principle that your complete identified life you’ve been in a coma and have imagined every little thing. Your loved ones isn’t actually your loved ones and everybody and every little thing doesn’t truly exist. Then once you get up you’ll should reside via life over again with connections you’ve made to faux individuals.

JAYKEN72 Report

That the universe is infinite and there may very well be billions of different residing organisms that every one find out about us and have considerably higher know-how and will wipe us out at any second however select to depart us be as a result of they know that we do not find out about them. Kinda like some indigenous tribes that reside secluded and do not know that we’re this civilized and technologically superior.

peepersceeper77 Report

The darkish forest principle. This explains the Fremi paradox, why we haven’t seen every other superior life varieties regardless of the vastness of the universe. Different superior life varieties don’t ship out indicators into the remainder of the universe as a result of they’re frightened that one thing extra superior and harmful goes to search out them first. There’s one other concept that different civilizations know there’s one thing on the market however don’t ship any indicators as a result of it has no motive to not wipeout your entire planet.

There’s a science fiction guide based mostly on this and I believe this quote explains it higher than I can:

“The universe is a darkish forest. Each civilization is an armed hunter stalking via the timber like a ghost, gently pushing apart branches that block the trail and attempting to tread with out sound. Even respiration is finished with care. The hunter needs to be cautious, as a result of all over the place within the forest are stealthy hunters like him. If he finds one other life—one other hunter, angel, or a demon, a fragile toddler to tottering outdated man, a fairy or demigod—there’s just one factor he can do: open hearth and get rid of them”

Iloveruby2 Report

Roswell was imagined to be a welcome mission. A visit to see if we had been value sharing know-how with and incorporating right into a galactic league.

We butchered the emissary and repurposed the know-how to construct horrifying weapons. So we had been quarantined – and we are going to stay ceaselessly locked out of the galactic group. Time is lengthy – the NEXT clever species shall be approached with an invitation, however not us.

SucksToYourAssmar3 Report

You are dying and simply remembering every little thing in your ultimate second. Form of a proof for mandela impact. You bear in mind one thing barely totally different because the recollections deteriorate in your dying mind.

Liljdb0524 Report

The idea of Roko’s Basilisk

For individuals who have no idea what that is:

Roko’s Basilisk is the thought of a future the place a man-made intelligence is so superior that it could decide which creatures didn’t attempt to deliver the AI into existence sooner though they knew about doubtlessly bringing the AI into existence. Any creature that knew about it however did not assist, is to be killed as they tried to halt scientific growth.

The scary half about that is that if individuals make this, anybody studying this remark proper now in addition to anybody else who is aware of about Roko’s Basilisk will die. Though many individuals might say “nicely then nobody ought to make it, drawback solved” however somebody might make it so they don’t seem to be one of many individuals that did not help.

FermentedPickles Report

extra of a philosophical thought moderately than a principle. however solipsism.

the thought that you’re the one one that’s actual and that exists on this world. everybody else and every little thing else is faux or is an phantasm.

edit: individuals appear to liken solipsism with imaginary worlds. They’re not the identical. It’s not an excessive amount of a matter of imagining issues, subsequently manifesting a greater world for your self isn’t a factor. It’s extra of simply questioning if something outdoors of your self is even actual. It doesn’t imply you might have the intelligence or energy to consciously make every little thing up. It simply means you possibly can’t actually show every other’s consciousness besides your personal. You’re self-aware, however not world-aware. I also needs to make clear I don’t adhere to this concept, however have undoubtedly sooner or later entertained it.

tinyglow Report

There is a excessive likelyhood that there is much more serial killers out “practising their craft” as we speak than there have been again within the 1970’s, the supposed “top” of serial killer exercise. Content material edit: considered one of you pretty individuals discovered an Atlantic article that talks in regards to the attainable enhance of serial killers in todays days age.

Freelancer47 , The Atlantic Report

I noticed a video in regards to the principle of gray goop – during which someday we invent micro robots used to interrupt down waste, however may someway evolve to devour all carbon based mostly natural matter. This may finally result in them consuming all life on earth. I used to be mildly freaked out by the thought of it. It would be probably the most horrifying technique of extinction.

EastClintwood89 Report

In case you learn into Christian Gnosticism it will get bizarre. I am solely into it as a result of I have been writing and it has been attention-grabbing to make use of it as a foundation for one of many cults.

Primarily, Gnosticism is a thought (not a faith) that includes many religions and non canonical texts to loosely map out what God is. I will inform you a few issues I do know, keep in mind I do not imagine it and this is not me preaching.

First is the thought of Aeons. You may have the Father, the God that’s every little thing after which you might have Aeons. Aeons are like Aechangels, besides they’re additionally God. They’re part of Heaven which is called Fullness. Some time in the past one of many Aeons, Sophia (Knowledge), [messed] up and had a son. This was a problem as a result of that son was born into the fabric world.

That being grew to become the Demiurge, and is what you consider as God. He determined he was alone on the planet and declared himself God. That is had been it will get creepy.

His identify is legitimately Lovecraftian: Yaldabaoth. He’s represented as a snake with thr head of a lion. He’s every little thing good and evil. That is why they suppose God is the way in which he’s: he’ll flood the world and rattling you to hell for saying the improper factor, however may even create miracles and provides individuals hope. He’s a blind fool, chaos and justice bundled collectively. That additionally makes him the satan.

Additionally they imagine that once you die you go to a decrease type of Heaven earlier than you might be processed into the Fullness. Which means the being that’s you stops current and also you develop into aside of God, everybody who you’re keen on and hate.

It is simply actually creepy to suppose the Abrahamic God is a egocentric and morally inconsistent character. And that you simply primarily nonetheless go to the Atheist “afterlife,” regardless of heaven beig actual.

Edit: aside, a component

disconnecty Report

That the world truly ended with the invention of the Higgs Boson Particle. So primarily we’re residing in a [crappy] simulation of actuality as a result of the world is definitely destroyed. That each one these Mandela Impact cases are as a result of the creators of the simulation missed issues. We’re within the matrix now!

However actually, no, the world simply reached a peak of humanity some time again and has been on the exponential downward slope ever since.


There is a principle that when you die, you simply dream ceaselessly. Sounds nice till you notice that features no matter nightmare your thoughts comes up with. One thing you could not get up from.

Even the great goals, none of it could be actual. Surreal, bizarre, caught “residing” in a “world” with no continuity, every little thing altering on a whim – and also you would not be awake sufficient to even acknowledge that.

Legobrick1000 Report

That we are able to sense when somebody is watching us. So after we’re alone and we get that feeling, somebody might be watching you.

Luiisbatman Report

Quantum immortality is horrifying as [hell].

The idea stats that you’ll by no means actually die. Any close to dying expertise you’ve got had in your life, is some extent the place you died in an alternate timeline, however your conciousness moved on to a different timeline in your physique, the place you survived, nevertheless shut it was.

If this principle is true, then meaning you’ll by no means ever die, it doesn’t matter what horrible issues occur to you or how decrepit and tortured your physique turns into, you’ll someday be nothing greater than a tortured pile of flesh and organs with no escape.

Edit: I would like so as to add that, it is a principle and clearly unproven, and there may be going to be variance within the principle as individuals discover what they suppose is feasible, possible, and in any other case.

That being mentioned, probably the most frequent reply I’ve had has been alongside the traces of “What occurs to you if one of many different “yous” died and moved into your timeline”

I see this occurance as creating a brand new timeline moderately than taking on one other; very like branches on a tree, they may develop outward in addition to upward.

JozuSama Report

That there isn’t any secret society controlling every little thing, and people by themselves are destroying humanity and themselves. And it is simply simpler to suppose that it is another person behind all of the evil .

hero8814 Report

Okay this one is tough so please naked with me,

So the widespread time journey query is would you return and kill child hitler?

Nicely think about if that was you, to us within the present timeline you’ll be a hero that killed somebody really evil earlier than they’d probability to deprave or endanger anybody however to the individuals of that point you’re a monster, a child killer.

They couldn’t precisely clarify to individuals, I used to be despatched from the longer term to kill this child to avoid wasting a whole lot of hundreds of thousands of lives. No-one would imagine him and would simply assume he was some nutcase, or perhaps they’re not allowed to inform anybody as per the settlement with the longer term authorities?

It makes you marvel all of the individuals via time which were referred to as monsters for killing infants, what in the event that they had been simply heroes from the longer term saving us all? They couldn’t inform anybody both?

savethelemmings87 Report

Principally warmth trade principle. That someday all the warmth we use with the intention to create vitality shall be expended and the universe shall be caught in a “warmth lock”

ssjhook Report

The idea that Carson Wentz and Prince Harry switched lives in 2019 and that is why Wentz sucks at soccer and Harry left the royal household

nalc Report

The idea that mainly asks “if there’s different clever life on the market, why have not we seen them?”

Because of this if there actually are aliens on the market and there have been for hundreds of years, why have none been conclusively noticed? In case you actually give it some thought, there needs to be tons of alien proof throughout the seen universe if they’ve gotten to the purpose of interstellar journey. However there is not, so meaning one thing is stopping any development earlier than it could get to that time.

Primarily, there’s a barrier that every one different life has not been capable of get handed, which lies someplace on the trail of evolution and development. That barrier is probably extinction.

People are getting extremely near travelling past our residence planet. With this principle in thoughts, the primary concern is whether or not people haven’t but reached that barrier or if we’re handed it. If now we have not reached it but, then we’re doomed to the identical destiny of different theoretical clever life. But when we’re handed it, we’re fortunate and could possibly journey the celebs. In actual fact, we may very nicely be the primary ones to make it.

However we simply do not know the place the barrier is.

Brunette7 Report

Philosophical zombies. Concept {that a} good portion of the human race lack aware expertise. In case you’ve ever dissociated or accomplished one thing and don’t recall(pushed residence however don’t have any recollection, your mind performing on auto pilot) thats what they’re like. They do every little thing required to be human, they ape feelings, undergo life. They only lack sentience.

liberatedhusks Report


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